Starting to get our home ready for baby!

Tonight I packed up all our Christmas stuff and move it to storage. I just need to vacuum where our tree was sometime tomorrow (today) since hubby went to bed early and I'd rather vacuum the whole apartment at once then do the living room now and the bedroom later. Our living room looks a bit bare now though without the tree in the corner!

The other big project this month is to clean up/out our walk-in bedroom closet.

Odds are, at this point we aren't going to be moving til probably March or April (we hope!) which means Jay'll be here for a good month or 2 before all that happens to we need to make some space for him. In our bedroom we have a smaller couch on one wall which we're planning on storing over at my parent's house in their basement for the time being so we can set up the Pack n Play thing we're hoping to get as well as a small shelving unit on our registry with a few canvas bins to put some of Jay's smaller toys in as well as baby books and our smaller CD player to play lullabies. We're planning on using the Pack n Play as a crib for when he takes naps during the day so I can close the bedroom door to keep Tiger and he can be a quieter enviroment and then at night we're hoping to get this co-sleeper thing where basically baby sleeps in bed with you but that way when he wakes up in the middle of the night for a feeding you can just lay and "side feed" him rather than get up and out of bed and all that and then you can both fall back asleep easily.

So the closet... my aunt has a nice changing table/dresser unit that she had for my cousin that she said we can use. I figured that if I go through my clothes and pack ones I don't wear often or are way out of season right now I can free up one of the 3 walls in there and we can put the changing table/dresser on that wall. But in order to do that we also need to make more room in the closet for the laundry baskets as hubby has several crates/totes of stuff that can really actually go to storage, but we need to sort all that stuff out. And this has to be done by the end of next weekend as my aunt is leaving for vacation on the 14th and we need to get the changing table/dresser before then.

So basically, this month is just a lot of sorting and organizing stuff to make room for Jay and all the baby stuff we're going to be accumulating after our baby shower at the end of the month. At least once we get the changing table/dresser unit in place I can finally start putting some of his stuff away, as we have "the box o' Jay" in our living room which is basically a box that's on the verge of overflowing with all the clothes and other stuff we've been given or bought for him already!

I also need to buy a nursing bra or 2, as my current bra I bought a few months ago is no longer comfy and I need a nursing one anyway, I've just been putting it off til the end here as I didn't want to buy it too soon and end up with ones that are too small!

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