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http://www.comictreadmill.com/CTMBlogarchives/2008images/CrackedCover-thumb.jpgFrom time to time, friends of mine post some really amusing links to articles on various sites.

This week, I've come across several that posted from Cracked.com (anyone else remember reading Cracked and MAD in the magazine aisle of the grocery store when they were kids??)

Here's the first one:
9 Famous Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along

In this one, the article touches on Ed Rooney from Ferris Bueller, The Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz, the hyenas in The Lion King and many others! It was a pretty interesting read and I love their captions too!

And another:
6 Insane Fan Theories That Actually Make Great Movies Better

This one was pretty interesting and thought provoking - I had heard the James Bond theory before, and that one actually does make a good bit of sense! I hadn't heard of some of the others though, but it definitely got me thinking!

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  1. I saw that Famous Movie Villains post and thought it was pretty great. I have to disagree about Sauron (the Orcs themselves were slaves, not a free people rallying behind Sauron but creatures created to do his bidding, and I thought it was pretty clear that Sauron wanted to dominate all life, and if he took over everyone would walk in chains through charred lands). But the bits on the Wicked Witch, the hyenas, and the principal from Ferris Bueller were great.

    The movie theories are good, too. I like the Star Wars one and the James Bond one in particular.


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