34 Week Pregnancy Survey

How far along?: 34 weeks, 1 day
How big is baby?: His fundal height measured 34cm at our appointment on Thursday, so he's pretty much on target
Weight gain?: Haven't gained any weight in the past week or so, which means my diet is working as Jay is likely growing a little each week so his weight is canceling out my losing weight
Stretch marks?: Been better this week about rubbing the lotion on em
Maternity clothes?: Still wearing em, although my "maternity heels" are fitting a little tight.
Sleep?: I had my first bout of 3rd trimester insomnia last night... and I find myself very tired during the day and having to take naps
Best moment this week?: So far... oh I don't know, to be honest.
Food cravings?: Sweets... most of which I can't have. I hate TV commercials and the Culver's signs with their yummy-sounding flavor of the day on em!
Gender?: All boy
Movement?: He's been beating the crap out of my uterus the last day or so... and he won't leave that spot on my left pelvic bone alone either - it hurts when he hits it!
Belly button?: It's gone - completely flat at this point, I can't even fit a finger in it.
What I miss?: Being able to eat what I want
Labor signs?: The occasional Braxton Hicks still
What I'm looking forward to?: Being done with all the glucose monitoring crap and our next growth anatomy scan next week!
Milestone?: Nothing really this week, although I have been getting Braxton Hicks a bit more than I was previously.

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