33 Week Appointment

Today (Monday) I had my 33 week appointment at the doctor's office.

It's becoming quite routine - check-in at the front desk, wait for them to come get me, weigh me, go spend 20 min doing the stress test, head over to ultrasound for a quick check on the placenta and fluid, go back out to the waiting room, get called back again and meet real quick with the doctor where they measure my belly and go over my glucose readings.

Jay DOES NOT seem to like the stress test at all. He was fine for the first few minutes but then started squriming and kicking/punching up a storm several times throughout. He seems to be fussy in the sense he doesn't like anything putting pressure on my belly (aka "his space") and he doesn't seem to like constant beeping noises from machines. 2 non-doctor appointment examples of this: the other morning, hubby rolled over and put his arm across my belly to snuggle, putting a little pressure on it - Jay started kicking/punching at it, like he was telling him to move his arm off "his space" lol... also, when we went to the ER when my father-in-law was first taken to the hospital one of the machines started beeping consistantly like the stress test machines consistantly amplify Jay's heartbeat - he must have heard it as he started squirming and kicking/punching like he was trying to find the plastic monitors they put on me during the stress test to make it stop, lol...

He was pretty active during the ultrasound today - she was trying to check the pocket or whatever where he's mostly hanging out in but was having trouble getting a good measurement as he kept moving, lol...

His heartbeat was up today - 154bpm (it was 133bpm on Thursday, but he after the stress test he went back to sleep so that's probably why).

The doctor said everything with him looks great right now - his fundal height is measuring 33cm still (same as on Thursday) which makes it seem he's slowing down a little bit, growth-wise, as he was measuring 32cm at 28 weeks and there's only been a 1cm change in the last 5 weeks. 33cm is right where it should be at 33 weeks, so that's good. They said the placenta still goods and healthy and he's got plenty of fluid still. They said my weight was good too. So it seems like as far as he goes, the diet they have me on is working.

My glucose levels had a few "high" ones over the weekend - 2 of my lunches were just slightly over, however I asked the doctor if it was possible that they were high because I ate breakfast and lunch within a few hours of each other and she said it's very likely. Not sure why my fasting number this morning was quite high though... we're going to wait and see how the next few days go and decide on Thursday if they need to up my dosage or not.

So, that's that for now.

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