You're hired!

So today I actually had work at The Children's Place, which was nice getting out of the apartment and having a reason to go somewhere. Unfortunately my shift was cut a bit short as it just really wasn't that busy, what with the Bears playoff game going on this afternoon and all, and we really didn't need more than 3 people on shift at a time.

While there though the manager on duty approached me and said they're going to be cutting the seasonal position soon and was wondering if I would be interested in sticking around! Of course I said sure - other than having Jay in less than 5 weeks I really don't have much else going on (they haven't need me to work my "main" job since before Christmas!). She said right now it wouldn't be much - maybe one 4-hour shift a week and being scheduled on-call here and there as they have to keep a close eye on payroll with it being so slow lately, but she said if I wanted to stay on then she'd bump me up to part-time status.

So it looks like I'm getting to stay there!

That'll be nice too when it comes to clothes shopping for Jay as our prices aren't that bad, especially when the sales are going on, plus my employee discount too. Just in the last 2 weeks, we've had our end of season Monster Sale going on for all the winter stuff as we've gotten our spring stuff... I've picked up like 10 really cute items for Jay for roughly $40 thanks to 50% off the original price (or more if it was already marked down) plus my 25% off discount - can't complain about that!

In other news, we've been moving stuff in and out of the apartment to make room for Jay.

This past week I've been working on reorganizing our walk-in closet to make room for the changing table/dresser to fit in there and we've moved the smaller foam couch out of our bedroom to make room for Jay to sleep and some of his stuff we're anticipating getting in the next few weeks. Since we haven't moved yet and most likely won't be til March or April at the earliest at this point we're just making due here and I haven't been able to do the Super Mario Bros nursery I'm planning on doing... yet. I will once we get in a house though! I am make-shifting things though by incorporating Mario Bros other ways, such as smaller paintings to go over his stuff and other decorative accents.

Poor Tiger though, she's been so confused as to what's going on!

When I first cleared some room in the closet she didn't know what to make of it, as she couldn't climb up and across to get to one of the shelves like she normally does. She sat in the center in the closet, looking around for a good minute or so, meowing at me all "what's going on???" And then I came home Thursday and hubby had left the foam couch in our living room so there was room to get the changing table in our bedroom. Tiger made sure to point out to me that the couch was plopped upright (on the side) in the living room and then she proceeded to "show" me the changing table too, lol... the other day hubby was convinced Tiger was pissed that we moved the foam couch out of the bedroom as she was wandering around the room making her crying meow noise like she couldn't figure out where to sit/lay in our bedroom! Since we moved the couch to the other room temporarily she has been sitting, curled up on it every chance she gets!

Tonight though we moved it over to my parents house til we move in a few months so we have more space. They also brought over one of their older office desk chairs since they got new ones and the one we had broke. Tiger's been wandering around here all lost and confused - she doesn't understand the new chair or where her couch went! Poor kitty... she's only going to get more confused in the upcoming weeks after the baby shower (on the 29th) when we start bringing in and setting up more baby stuff, and then we're sure she's going to be confused as to what to make of Jay when we bring him home next month!

A brief update on my father-in-law:
They released him from the hospital Monday afternoon, however as soon as he got home he was having trouble breathing again and requested to go back to the hospital, so he was readmitted on Tuesday and is in a "normal" section of the hospital now rather than a room in the Heart Hospital portion of the place. His heart and lungs are still stable, however they still haven't figured out what the deal is with his kidneys! They started him on dialysis this week, but his first time was cut short as he passed out about an hour into it and they called a "code blue." They tried again the next day, which it seems like he managed it the whole time. He's still there though as they're trying to get the house cleaned up and in a good enough condition for him to be in (there's an old leak in the house that caused some major mold damage in the basement awhile back which we're sure is a big part of the problem). Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers though - it is appreciated!


  1. Yay! Congrats!! And WOW Jay is almost here... time goes by so fast!!!!

    My thoughts are with you and your father in law

  2. Thanks guys!

    And Heather - I know!! Isn't it crazy!? I can hardly believe we're in the homestretch right now and he could be here anytime in the next few weeks!


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