Newborn Care Class

Tonight hubby and I attended the newborn care class that our delivering hospital offers. We signed up for it back in October and at the time it seemed so far away... and then here it was! Talk about time flying!

It was a bit of a fun class and they moved us to the room across the hall from where the previous classes we took were, which was nice as the chairs in there were a million times comfier!

They gave us a packet of info to go over like they did in the other classes and we watched some fun videos about things to know when it comes to your newborn in the first month - how to clean em, things to keep any eye out for, etc.

They gave us fake baby dolls too to practice diapering, swaddling, bathing and dressing - she had enough extras to give a doll to each of the daddy's too so they got to participate as well.

Hubby and I both got the minority dolls - mine was Asian while hubby's was black - the dads seemed to have a bit too much fun with the beanies, styling them all funny!

Some of it was kinda no-brainer stuff, while other stuff was good to know, as I guess some things have changed recently (they no longer recommend using baby powder, you no longer need to wait til the cord stump falls off to bathe baby nor do you need to clean the cord stump with alcohol). They also gave us info about their free car seat checks which they offer once a month, as well as things you get at the hospital like free diapers, cleaning care products, and all that stuff - pretty much you can take anything under your baby's bassinet that isn't the linens. They also do footprints on anything you'd like and there's a photographer that'll take your baby's first photo too if you want.

That reminds me - I need to get started on putting together a baby scrapbook for Jay. I have my follow-up doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, so I'm thinking I'll try the other Target afterwards to see about a nursing bra and then stop over at Hobby Lobby or Michaels or even Walmart to check out their scrapbooking stuff!

I also started working on some Mario Bros paintings for our apartment here since we most likely won't be in a house until at least March or April. Since we're having the Pack n Play in our bedroom, I'm doing a painting of the start screen from the original Super Mario Bros to put above that, and then where the changing table/dresser is going in our walk-in closet I'm doing 4 panels each with a classic Mario item - the red magic mushroom, the star, the fire power flower, and the 1-up green mushroom - to hang above there.

When I was at the doctor on Monday they went ahead and scheduled my appointments for next week - next Thursday is the 20th of January... exactly 1 month out from Jay's  due date! That realization kinda scared me! I look forward to meeting him in the flesh but at the same time... it just seems all too soon, like it was just summer/fall! Oh well, can't stop time!

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