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We went back up to the hospital this afternoon for a little bit and to be honest my father-in-law looked a good deal better than he did yesterday and his breathing was quite a bit better too (they had him on oxygen). Of course he was talking up a storm like usual though!

They had ruled out a blood clot as a cause of concern and had run a bunch of tests on him before we got up there, however they still weren't entirely sure as to what had caused the congestive heart failure (they seemed to have ruled out him having pneumonia too, believing that really it was just the start of the congestive heart failure which the symptoms can mimic pneumonia). They did say his kidneys were only functioning at 15% though, which isn't good and they weren't really sure why they weren't functioning correctly - there had been quite a bit of talk of how if it didn't improve at all they were going to consider starting him on dialysis in a few weeks!

They have some more tests and diagnostics to run on him - he'll most likely be there the rest of the week at least.

The family seems to be doing alright for the most part, although hubby broke down a few times once we got the hospital today... poor guy... I feel bad for him as I know it must be hard seeing his dad in that condition and knowing that things could possibly suddenly take a turn for the worse no matter how much his dad told him he was going to be okay. I'm just trying to be there for him as best I can and be supportive.

Please continue to keep my father-in-law and the family in your thoughts and prayers as the doctors continue to work at finding out what the cause is and how to fix it - it's much appreciated!

In other news today...

http://images.hollywood.com/site/The-Expendables-DVD-Blu-Ray--827x1024.jpgWe bought our first Blu-Ray DVD. Hubby and I really enjoyed the movie The Expendables, however when it came time to compile our Christmas list I didn't realize that one was being released on DVD already so we didn't think to put it on the list. Curious as to how much the Blu-Ray DVD combo pack cost I looked online - normally it's around $30 or more but Walmart.com had it for $12.98 with free site-to-store shipping! Granted, I think it's a bit ridiculous we had to "order" it and have it shipped to the store when the DVD department is literally right outside the site-to-store pickup counter, but whatever... I learned awhile back that Walmart doesn't match their online prices and the online page even said that price may vary in store, so yeah... a few extra days of waiting won't hurt us!

We took down all our Christmas decorations tonight - our living room looks really bare without the tree in the corner!

And this week we need to start cleaning out/up our walk-in closet as it needs to be done by the end of next weekend as my aunt has a changing table/dresser unit she's letting us use but is going out of town on the 14th so she wants to bring it over sometime before then. I figure we could easily make room for it in that closet if we just clean it up and move some stuff out of it. We also need to move the small couch in our bedroom over to my parent's house, as we figure at this point we won't be moving til probably March or April and the wall the couch is currently is going to be where we're going to set up some of Jay's stuff.

I also decided that since he won't have a nursery right away, I'm going to do a few Mario related paintings to hang over the wall where his Pack n Play and shelf is going to go as well as some smaller ones to go over the changing table too so it'll be a little preview of how his nursery is going to be!

It's going to be a busy month as we get ready for Jay's arrive next month (or possibly sooner!).

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  1. Reminds me of when Nels' father was in the hospital earlier in the year. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way!!!


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