Some good ol' pampering

Today I made some progress on item #88 on my 101 in 1001 list - get a pedicure 3 times a year.

I figured one a season would be good, although coming into my last month of pregnancy, when a friend had an open-invite on Facebook to join her at a nail salon, I jumped at the chance to get a pedicure, as my poor, swollen feet could really use one!

Hubby rubs my feet for me sometimes when we watch TV and clips my toenails for me when they get too long as I have trouble comfortably reach my feet, but it's just not the same as going to a nail salon and soaking them and getting the works done and all that... and it felt GREAT!

Also, supposedly, there's a pressure point on your ankle that's linked somehow to your uterus and if rubbed or whatever (like they do during pedicure massages) it can cause you to have contractions - I guess we'll see if I go into labor in the next few days... I'll be 37 weeks on Sunday and that's considered full-term so if I go into labor at this point, it's really no big deal.

What was amusing was that the chairs for the pedicure have a built in massager - I don't think Jay knew what to make of that, with all the vibrations going on! He started kicking/squirming a good bit while it was going on! lol...

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