Music Shuffle Monday 01.24.11

http://www.veryicon.com/icon/png/Media/iPod,%20Therefore%20I%20Am/iPod%20Mini%20Blue.png1. "Pop" by N*Sync
To be honest, not sure why I have this song on my iPod - the only N*Sync album I ever bought was their debut, when I was in 8th grade. My fascination with N*Sync was short-lived as I much preferred the Backstreet Boys over them and ultimately Hanson was my favorite of the boy bands of the late 90s because they actually played their own instruments and wrote their own music. Regardless, this song came out during my high school years - I think I got stuck listening to the tracks on this particular N*Sync album thanks to some of the "preppy" girls I was on the soccer team with who were obsessed with N*Sync. It's kinda of a catchy tune, but yeah...

2. "One" by Creed
Ah creed... I remember during mid-high school we had a group come and do a chapel service for us at school (for those not familiar with Christian schools, chapel is like a weekly church service during school with worship songs and a guest speaker) and they performed a "human video" to Creed's song "Higher" off their 2nd album (a human video is a group of people acting out a performance to a song to tell a story). Anyways, the next day we were all hooked on the song and Creed and I think my school's student body bought out every copy of the CD in town, lol... this song is off Creed's 1st album - having liked the album with Higher on it, I went back and got their 1st one. It's a pretty good song. By the end of high school Creed was pretty huge - kids today have Chad Kroger and Nickelback, we had Scott Stapp and Creed.

3. 'They Know Who You Are" by Powerman5000
This is off their major debut Tonight the Stars Revolt. For those not familiar with the album, it's kind of like a space odyssey as it plays out the fantasy of a group being lost in space, trying to get their radio transmission picked up. PM5K's main man, Spider (aka Rob Zombie's slightly younger half brother), is a huge fan of horror and especially the strange classic horror B movies, so this plays out like a Twilight Zone type horror. During this error of the band they performed in spacesuits - it was pretty awesome! Nearly 10 years later and after some good and not so good experimentation with their sound, Spider finally gave the fans the sequel/follow-up to Tonight the Stars Revolt that we've been wanting (Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere) and also brought back the classic spacesuits!

4. "Hell Song" by Sum41
I first heard this one in my freshman year of college and I thought the music video was awesome as it was done all with action figures and dolls dressed up like celebs, fighting and on their way to a Sum41 show. Check it out below:

5. "Fear" by Disturbed
This one's off of Disturbed's debut The Sickness. While probably the darkest and most explicit album they've done (and by far the most "disturbing" as a lot of the songs paint the picture of a man struggling with actual demons), it's probably my favorite Disturbed album as it was so dark and different at the time. Definitely not one for the kiddies, but it sure packs a punch and rocks HARD. And there's not a single track on the album I feel the need to skip over while listening either.

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