Goals for the New Year

So I know it's already almost the end of January (where did this month go?!), however I never made a post about my resolutions for the year, so here goes!

  • Keep up with the dishes
    One that I have surprisingly been keeping up on is being on top of doing the dishes. Usually I just let them pile up in the sink until we run out of plates or silverware or cups, however I decided that by doing them at the end of the day or every other day has it's benefits - the kitchen looks cleaner and it doesn't take me 2 hours to do the dishes like it does when I let them pile up. So good job there!

  • I would like to lose some weight
    Now I say this every year, but I really wanna make more of an effort than I have. I mean my eating habits are fine, I've got that under control, it's just I hardly ever exercise which is the problem. So my goal is to exercise a bit more. This will be easier once the weather is nicer as we can go walking on the walking path around the block, but in the meantime... I try to stick to riding the bike.

  • Get rid of unnecessary debt
    Now we don't have a lot of debt, however we do have a few past due bills of ours that need to be paid off, and I intend on having my laptop paid off this year too. So by getting these few things paid off, that'll be a nice weight lifted off our shoulders and really help hubby with credit score too.

  • Buy a house
    Okay so this one we're having problems with, and it's partially due to some of the unnecessary debt of past due bills. Just this last week we went in to try again for a pre-approval on a home loan and couldn't get it because hubby's credit score is still not high enough (mine is fine though, however I don't make enough to be able to get it on my own). There's a few things more we could do to clear up his score, however it needs to jump 60 points and last time we were only able to get it to jump about 50 with 3 things cleared up... so this one might take longer than we'd like and we might miss the 1st time home buyers tax credit, but we'll see...

  • Earn my Red Jacket
    This is my main goal for Mary Kay this year. I figure I have an entire year to make it happen though which is plenty time, as in order to get my Red Jacket I need 3 people to join my team and be active (I have 1 right now, but she's not considered active at the moment...).

  • Go to Dallas
    So this one is pretty much on the calendar, it's just coming up with the money for it, as we're in a bit of a pickle for taxes this season. We're shooting for October though and will know the exact dates we're aiming for once the NFL schedule is announced in April (hubby wants to see a Cowboys game while there and visit the new stadium). We also plan on visiting with my college roomie and her boyfriend, as well as visit the Mary Kay HQ and museum in Dallas as well.


  1. The Mary Kay HQ is across the street from my apartment, but it scares me.

  2. oh cool! We won't have to drive!

    lol... why's it scare you?


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