December Goals

It's officially December 1st! That means... it's goal time!

Looking at November's goals...

1. Finish Lego Star Wars Wii
Nope, didn't get around to playing this one at all... although I am curious to see how Wii games look on the new TV, so hopefully I'll be better this month!

2. Finish my book and start a new one
I've been working on "World War Z" by Max Brooks, and it is a really interesting book, as it's told entirely through interviews. I just haven't done much reading this month. But! I plan on getting quite a bit of reading in Friday during my 3 hour glucose test so I should be able to make a decent dent in it.

3. Enjoy Thanksgiving
That I did! We slept in together which was nice, had a really nice car ride out to my inlaws that I enjoyed, and spent several hours just chatting and joking around with my inlaws at the dinner table.

4. Continue on the home-owning/house-hunting stuff
Well we met with the bank lady again at the beginning of November and had it not been for 1 stupid error on Chase's part we would have gotten approved. We got it taken care of ASAP but they said it could take til January to show up correctly and since hubby's swamped with work in December we're just going to wait til January to go back in and get everything finalized and hopefully start looking for houses (and hopefully find one quickly so we can move soon!).

5. Eat some pumpkin pie
I had a piece at my inlaws for Thanksgiving and my mom gave me a few pieces of their pie too which I just had a slice of. Yum!

6. Don't stress about money
I think we did okay on this one, given our circumstances.

7. Take stuff to Goodwill
I did! I donated 3 trash bags full - one with pants I haven't fit in in years, another with shoes I can't remember the last time I wore, and a bag of misc tops and some of hubby's stuff he doesn't wear either that he wanted to throw out but I suggested we just donate.

8. Go see a movie in theaters
We actually saw 2 in November. First one we saw was "Due Date" starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifinakis. It was a buddy comedy and while it was good and amusing, it wasn't nearly as funny as I was expecting based on the hype of the trailers. It honestly seemed like an updated version of the Steve Martin - John Candy classic "Planes Trains and Automobiles" as in both movies 2 polar opposites are trying to travel across the country and get stuck together - one's more laidback and easy going while the other seems to have a stick up his butt. The other movie we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1). I was actually pleased with how close to the book (from what I can remember of it) this movie was compared to some of the previous installments. Hubby hadn't read the books and he thought this one was a bit slow and boring in parts. I liked it though!

9. Find a winter coat that fits over my baby belly and a pair of non-heeled winter boots.
Did this one no problem and found both at Burlington Coat Factory.

Hey 7 out of 9 ain't bad!

Goals for December:
1. Not stress about the glucose stuff
2. Enjoy the holiday season
3. Don't get stressed at work, no matter how holiday shoppers might behave
4. Play the Wii some
5. Finish my book and start a new one
6. Get out and visit with some friends
7. Work on my latch hook project a bit

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