This Weekend's Milestones

Before midnight strikes, I thought I would take a second to point the milestones of today! =D

1st, today marks 30 weeks in my pregnancy, which means we have 10 or less weeks to go til Jay is here in the flesh (we're pretty sure he's going to be somewhat early though due to both him measuring several weeks bigger than he should be as well as me having the gestational diabetes).

Also, this weekend marks 13 years that hubby and I have known each other!

I remember that Sunday we first actually met - it was the same weekend in December as our church's big weekend long Christmas production. He stopped me on my way out of Sunday School, handed me a folded up piece of paper with my name on it and before I could response he took off running up the stairs! I could see him sitting elsewhere in the sanctuary during the church service, but didn't actually see him again until the end of January, lol... the folded up piece of paper he gave me was a poem he wrote just for me. I still have it (and it's sequel he gave me several months later).

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  1. that's....so.....CUTE! :) Best wishes to the fam :D


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