Appointment scheduled

So I got a call today from the Maternal Fetal Medicine ward at our hospital to set up an appointment for next week to meet with a dietitian/nutritionist and schedule an ultrasound so we can get my gestational diabetes under control.

They want me to come in at 8am Monday for registration while my appointment with the dietitian/nutritionist is at 830 and then we have an ultrasound there at 930. The point of the ultrasound is to see how the GD is affecting Jay - if he's just growing big or if it has something to do with the GD and placenta. I'm hoping maybe we'll get a good 3D of him this time too, as last time he didn't want to cooperate with us. Hubby's trying to see if he can find someone to open for him on Monday so he can go too as he likes to go to the ultrasounds and see Jay on the monitor.

I ended up pushing my regularly scheduled appointment back a few hours, as that was originally at 11am - the lady on the phone from the hospital said we should be done by 1030am, but there's the possibility of them running late and then getting stuck in traffic trying to get across town... I figured we might be cutting it kind of close so I called my clinic and they rescheduled me over there for 145pm. Hubby was going to try and make this one, but since we're having an ultrasound at the hospital that morning, I doubt they'll do a 2nd one at the clinic that day.

I've started watching what I eat even more than I was and I've been going off outlines for what to eat if you have GD that I found online just to kind of start with it since I didn't know how soon I'd be able to get in with the Maternal Fetal Medicine people. I also started keeping a food log too so they can go over with me what I've been eating and what I shouldn't be eating.

In hubby news... he got a mini-promotion/pay-raise at Verizon - he's now an assistant to the executive administrative of their company, although really he's not doing much more than he already was, he's just getting paid for the extra stuff he's been doing. He also found out this week that he got the 2 week Christmas overtime shift at UPS he was hoping to get. Sadly though, we learned tonight that one the dogs at his parent's house (they have multiple dogs and cats - it's like a mini zoo out there! lol...) suddenly died - it was their smaller dog named Boy and he was only 7. When we've talked about getting a dog of our own in the future, hubby always says he wants one that's a lapdog about the size of Boy.

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