Our Christmas Decorations

Christmas is this week and I thought I'd share some photos of our decorations!

Our Christmas Tree with presents for family underneath
I bought this at Walmart while in college for $30 and it's held up quite well! Sitting next to the tree on the chair are garland and lights I wanted to put up on our window valance but that requires hubby's help and we just never got around to it this year - oh well!

The ornaments on the tree
I have the entire Puppy Love collection (which released #20 this year!) and there's some older ones here as well as newer ones, including a Dallas Cowboys ornament and an "Our First Christmas" Precious Moments ornament we were given our first married Christmas together.

Snowmen figurines and Christmas tree votive holder
I actually saved the snowmen from the laundry room, as people put things they don't want anymore in there for the taking. The Christmas tree votive holder is from my mom. I currently don't have a votive in it, but it makes for a nice decoration!

Candy and Candle Display
I change out the candy in the bowl with peppermint pieces each year and put candy canes in one of my candle holders (it's a 3 piece tier set that can be set up different ways!). The candles in the display are called "Christmas Eve" and we got them at Yankee Candle.

Corner Table Display
For Christmas I added my Nativity snowglobe and a smaller Nativity set I've had since I was a kid. There's also Christmas Tigger - I ordered a matching Pooh and Eeyore but Pooh is on backorder and Eeyore hasn't arrived yet =(

Other Table Display
For Christmas I added the fake Poinsettia (which is in part of my 3 tier candle set), the Angel bell I rescued from the laundry room with the snowmen, and a HollyLites PartyLite candle warmer I got on sale this year with Iced Snowberries scent! I would like to get Christmas-y drink coasters as our blue Vegas ones don't really match but haven't had much luck finding any yet =(

Wall o' Christmas photo cards!
I just put this together last night as we have a decent amount of them this year! We have ones from friends and family from this year to years past, as well as our own on the fridge.

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