Figured I'd make a quick post regarding how our holiday went!

http://www.mashupmom.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/rudolph.jpgI spent Christmas Eve Eve burning Christmas scented candles and watching several classic Christmas specials on DVD - the original animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and most of Frosty the Snowman. I also wanted to watch Santa Claus is Coming to Town and The Little Drummer Boy, but I fell asleep about halfway through Frosty!

Hubby's crazy 2 weeks of overtime ended Friday at 430am, but he still had to get up and go to his day job at 9am, so he was still a bit tired and worn out (last week he averaged 2 hours of sleep a day while the week before he was running on maybe 4 hours a day!).

We went to the annual Christmas Eve Candles and Carols service up at our church and hubby kept falling asleep throughout the service (which is only like 45 minutes long). Afterwards we went over to my parent's house for Christmas dinner and gifts. Dinner was yummy as usual - mom made her traditional Shepherd's Pie dish, which is basically a meat, carrots, mashed potatoes and cheese.

After dinner we opened gifts - my big gift was the Shark Vac then Steam vacuum and steam mop which was a combined gift from my parents and my mom's dad. I saw the infomercial a few months back and I *hate* sweeping and Swiffering our floors as they never seem to get all that clean and this new Shark steam/vac looked pretty neat and easy to use and actually seemed to get the floors clean! I figured it'd be a good item to have especially in a few months when Jay is playing around on the floor and starts crawling. Hubby got a few techie gifts he wanted, although he mainly wanted cash or Best Buy gift cards so he could get a new computer monitor since he's 2 flat screen LCD ones both crapped out last summer.

After gifts we had dessert - I was bad and had some cheesecake - and then some of us watched a showing of 24 hours of A Christmas Story while the rest of us sat around and talked. Hubby - poor guy - took a nap.

Christmas morning hubby and I woke up and watched the end of a showing of A Christmas Story in bed together and then got ready to head out to his parent's house, as they live over an hour away. Pulling into their driveway, we immediately got our car stuck. They live out in the country and their driveway is about a 1/4 mile long. Usually his brother's shovel it, but this time they just cleared a path... only our front-wheel drive car veered off it a bit and got stuck. It took a good 10-15 minutes to get the car parked near the house! lol...

We ate dinner out there and it too was good! My father-in-law's been sick with pneumonia the last few weeks - he's on antibiotics for it, but I still had to keep my distance. We did some gifts after dinner, although my mother-in-law is giving them later as she was just too preoccupied with my father-in-law being sick to get out to the stores. She did give me this really nice porcelain Party-Lite figurine of a mother and baby which you put scented oil in. She also asked if I got my Sketcher Shape-Up shoes I wanted and I told her I got a check from my grandparents I was going to put towards them and she told me she'd give me some money to cover the rest of the cost. I figured those shoes would be good to have once the weather is nice out as I plan on taking Jay for walks in his stroller regularly and they'll help me "shape up" and tone and tight stuff as I walk. She also told hubby she'd give him some money to contribute to his quest towards a new monitor.

We got hubby's 3 younger brothers the Call of Duty: Black Ops game for PS3 and while hubby wanted to play it with them afterwards, they had to get ready to head out to a friend's house, so me, hubby and hubby's little sister took turns playing together for a bit before we headed out when his brother's did, as we needed their assistance to help get the car out of the driveway and out to the road!

Hubby enjoyed playing Call of Duty on the PS3 a little too much as he decided that instead of getting a new monitor, he'd rather have a PS3. We found a decent bundle online and so he put his giftcards towards that and with the money he still has coming to him, as well as the money he's saved up, we put it on my Best Buy card and will pay it off on our next payment in mid-January. He had a few of the guys from Verizon over the other night and they were taking turns playing on it with our big TV too - he seemed to be having fun!

I took advantage of some post-Christmas sales too. Border's gave me some more free Borders Bucks for being a loyal Rewards member and so I was able to get this desk calendar we wanted for just $2! I also traded-in a few games at Gamestop and took advantage of their post-holiday buy 2 pre-owned, get a 3rd free. Today I went out and finally bought Christmas stockings as all places have Christmas stuff 50% off or more now. I figured we'll definitely be in a house next year and we'll need stockings to hang. I got Jay this cute one with a snowman on it while I got hubby and me matching ones with our first initials on them, all for $5 each. I also got Jay a "My First Christmas" bib for $2.50 that he can wear at our 2 Christmas dinners next year! They also had hats that said "Baby's First Christmas" on them, but considering he'll be around 10 months old next Christmas, they seemed a bit small - more like the size of a newborn's head - so I passed on that.

Sadly, I think I'm finally coming down with hubby's cold. Considering he was running on almost no sleep the last 2 weeks, him getting sick was almost inevitable - I knew it was most likely going to happen! I saw him Wednesday night at dinner and commented that he didn't look or sound too good - he told me he was getting sick. I tried to avoid getting it, but today I have a little bit of a sore throat and my nose is being all icky - he said that's what he had at first too. I know I can take Robitussin though so I'm planning on doing that, as I can't chug orange juice right now because it has too many carbs/sugars in it.

How was your holiday?

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