Hitting 85 and other WoW achievements this week!

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So I know Wednesday was yesterday and today is Thursday... however I spent most of the day yesterday playing WoW so I could share stuff with you for this week's post.

Well, I did it - I *finally* hit level 85 on my Nelf Boomkin!

I took most of last week off just because I was so tired for a number of reason (most all pregnancy related, as I'm now in my 3rd trimester and last week I was adjusting to a new a low-carb diet they put me on for the gestational diabetes I have and that was making me extra sleepy too!). I returned to WoW this week and since I was already 84, I decided I wanted to hit 85 before Christmas and since Christmas for us starts on the evening of Christmas Eve, the meant I only had a few days to accomplish to this.

I didn't have much to do Tuesday evening as well as most of Wednesday so I spent lots of time in game!

First off, I ended up finishing Vashj'ir as I wanted to "discover" the Throne of Tides and get the quests for the instance... however I was sad to learn that at 84, you can't queue for it in the dungeon finder as it's a level 80-82 dungeon! I was a bit sad...

After Vashj'ir I went onto Uldum where I met up with Harrison Jones and friends again.

I also got in a group with some guildies to do the Crucible of Carnage in Twilight Highlands, which is the next step in the "Ring of Blood" arena achievement quests. At 84, I got a ton of XP and a good bit of money as well as an awesome blue "very manly" staff!

I also did a few instances in Uldum - Halls of Origination and The Vortex Pinnacle. Halls of Origination reminded me of Halls of Stone, especially with the part with the dwarf that escorts you around. Vortex Pinnacle was interesting as you have to jump in cyclones to get around in the instance as it takes place in the sky.

One of the first things I did after I hit 85 was go back to Stormwind, where I got distracted by the Auction House, skill trainers and a new chain of quests which had me escorting teenage Prince Anduin around Stormwind as we worked on a mystery together. I also found it interesting that he seems to be a Priest, as he can throw up shields for protection.

Also, *someone* who worked on this expansion got a bit too happy when it came to creating and including cutscenes. There were a few in Hyjal and Deepholm and some in Vashj'ir, but they all worked with the basic storyline. In Uldum though... omg it's like do a quest, watch a cutscene, do another quest, watch another cutscene... gets a bit old after a bit and each cutscene is overly dramatic trying too hard to be epic. It seems like they got a lot feedback for the awesome Wrathgate questline/cutscene in Wrath and decided to run with the idea for this expansion!

My guild officially got the Realm First for the guild achievement "Working as a Team."

Us and another guild got the regular achievement days ago, however neither got the official realm first - turns out, you can't "double up" on professions, meaning you can't have 1 person max out multiple professions and get credit for it. 1 profession counts for 1 toon and so you need 15 people to meet the requirements to get the realm first version of the achievement. Kinda dumb, but whatever - we did it, much to the dismay of the other more prominent raiding guild on our server we were racing against for it.

So now I'm working on my gear so I can run some heroics - I can't wait to run Heroic Deadmines, but you need an average item gear level of 329 to enter the heroics (again, dumb!) and I'm currently at 316. I bought a few blues off the auction to help, but yeah... looks like I need to run some more instances.

I also need to look up a few stats to see what my haste, crit and hit rating should be now as a Boomkin and then add in mastery rating once I get those to an acceptable level. I also need to figure out where to put my last 2 talent points as I have everything in the Balance tree that I want, as well as everything I can get in the Resto tree - I have 2 extra points that I have no clue where to put them. I don't care for Typhoon (unless of course they've fixed the knockback issue that annoyed people with it in Wrath) or having 3 Treants follow me around.

I'm working on upping my Enchanting too as apparently you can't DE (disenchant) certain items unless you have 475 and later 500 enchanting skill - I was able to get it up to 485 last night, but I'm getting low on mats and need to stock up by DEing more quest rewards.

Here's my Boomkin in her current gear, with her enchanted "Very Manly" staff:

She's wearing a mix of cloth and leather gear - the joys of being a caster!

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