31 week appointment and glucose diet follow-up

So I had my 1 week follow-up appointment with the dietitian/nutritionist this morning followed by my regularly weekly check-up at my OB/GYN clinic this afternoon.

My meeting with the dietitian/nutritionist went okay... she looked over my numbers and commented that yes, some of my post-dinner levels have been a bit high lately and said my fasting numbers were a bit on the high side too. She thinks part of it might be that I'm waiting too long between lunch and dinner and dinner and breakfast and not snacking enough. She counted up my carbs too and said without the snacks I'm not getting enough as I should be closer to 175 per day. So I guess I need to make sure I'm having a bedtime snack and a maybe one between lunch and dinner for when we're eating dinner late - she thinks that might help. She said it's up to my clinic whether or not they want to put me on medication to help with my post-dinner levels. Other than that, she said I'm doing good with keeping track of my carbs. I haven't made a follow-up appointment with her yet as she said it's up to my clinic and what they want me to do for now but she recommended I keep counting and monitoring levels for at least another week and see how it goes with the changes.

At my regular appointment, the scale shows I lost weight. Last time I weighed in at 194, although I did have my snow boots on too as it was kinda icky out and I didn't want to take several minutes in the hallway putting them back on. This time I weighed in at 188.8 without my shoes on. They said it is possible that the shoes and the low-carb diabetes diet did it. They said if I keep it up a bit post-delivery in addition to breastfeeding I'll be able to shed off my pregnancy weight easily!

I met with one of the doctors I've only met with once prior today. I wasn't aware I needed to bring my glucose reading records with me but fortunately I had my meter on me. She flipped through it and I filled her in on what the dietitian/nutritionist said this morning - she said she was going to send my stuff over to the clinic today but apparently this doc hadn't seen it yet...? She said they were going to have me come in again on Thursday to see how the diet was doing after making the changes we had discussed today to see if that made any difference or not before they decide to put me on a prescription and told me to bring my sheets I've been recording my levels on in with me.

She said Jay's heartbeat sounded good - just under 150 - and measuring fundal height with the tape measure she said he was about 31cm... not sure how accurate that is though as he was measuring 32cm 3 weeks ago...?

I guess we'll see how things go!

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