Christmas Deals

This week I purchased some really good Christmas deals I found online and thought I'd share.

First, I decided I really wanted a snowflake necklace. There's a place in town that sells Christmas themed necklaces and had a snowflake one for last year but I never got around to getting one and this year the necklace isn't a snowflake.

I looked online and found a few on JC Penny's site but then remembered people always talking about Etsy so I decided to look on there and found this really pretty one for just under $10 (including shipping).


I just got an email that it shipped out today - can't wait to have it! It'll look nice with my top I'm wearing for Christmas!

Also, on Twitter I follow @dealsplus which is always posting online deals and giving away free stuff. The other day they had a code for the Disney Store that gave you free shipping and advertised that the Disney Store had lots of beanie plushes on sale that day.

Curious, as I have Christmas Tigger beanie, I looked to see if they had any of the other Winnie the Pooh characters in Christmas outfits and sure enough - I found Pooh and Eeyore and for $5 each!

 http://as7.disneystore.com/is/image/DisneyShopping/201463?$mercdetail$ http://as7.disneystore.com/is/image/DisneyShopping/201461?$mercdetail$
I had a $5 giftcard to use and just paid for the rest out of my account. They should be here in about 8-10 business days and I look forward to displaying them with Tigger this holiday season!


  1. do you need twitter to use dealsplus?

  2. No, but it would make it easier to "follow" them and the deals they post, as they post a ton of links with various deals around the web (some of which are only good for 24hrs or that particular day) on their Twitter site.


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