Your mushy-gushy statuses make me want to pukey-wookey

Overly mushy people annoy me.

Sorry if you're one of them, but really. I get you love your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/spouse, but do you really need to constantly gush it out publicly online for all to see? It makes the rest of us want to puke.

My sister and hubby's youngest brother were like this when they dated awhile back - half their statuses were "I love you, you make me so happy, you're my everything..." and overly mushy stuff like that. They were in high school though and it was obviously puppy love... okay I can relate, but back then we didn't have social networking sites to post it for all to see on a daily basis.

Hubby had a relative who was like this with their significant other too. Granted, their relationship was long distance, but their statuses to each other (why can't you just post it on each other's wall??), similar to the ones my sis and bro-in-law would post, still made us all want to puke at how over the top mushy gushy they were. They got married though and were no longer long distance and quit posting all that mushy stuff 24/7.

You know it's bad when your mom even says the statuses are making her nauseous!

Now hubby and I have another mutual friend who, for some reason we can't figure out, posts at the end of EVERY status "I love you {insert girlfriend's name here}". The entire status can be nothing related or pertaining to his girlfriend, yet he throws that in at the end of EVERY status. Makes us all want to puke.

I have nothing wrong with people being romantic and lovey-dovey, but is there really a reason to post all that gushy stuff to your loved one in your Facebook status CONSTANTLY??? Like I said above, why can't you just post it on their wall? I know people who have done that (one that comes to mind was in Iraq and would post "I love you's" on his wife's wall every chance he got to go online) and it makes sense - you're directly telling that person your feelings for them. And I get wanting to tell the world you love a certain person, but WHY the need to broadcast in EVERY status or almost every status? It gets really annoying and it's a sure-fire way to get people to "hide" your statuses (which means they don't see what you post ever) or just unfriend you.

And no, it's not that I'm jealous - sure I wouldn't mind an occasional cutesy message from hubby, but if he started posting all mushy gushy stuff all the time I would start to wonder who he is and what they did to the real hubby! lol...

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  1. Ugh I couldn't agree with you more! I always just imagine they are the type of people that need to make out constantly in public too.


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