The 3 Hour Glucose Test

Well today was the grueling 3 hour glucose test.

I had to fast starting at midnight. Poor Jay though - he didn't like the lack of food one bit and was letting me know by throwing fits in there every so often. Poor little guy!

My appointment was at 8am, but they didn't take me back til about 20 after as there was a bunch of people coming in at 8. The girl drew my blood before giving me the drink. For the 3 hour test they only had the drink in lemon lime and orange. I opted for the lemon line. Compared to the 1 hour drink, this one tasted extra syrupy - like a Sprite or Sierra Mist with extra syrup in it!

She said I might feel a little sick or queasy the first hour - I could feel it in my stomach but it more just a form of gas.

The first passed by sort of quick, I read some of my book, they took me back to draw more blood and then we started the 2nd hour. The 2nd hour seemed longer. I tried to get comfortable enough to nap, but it was a little cold in the waiting room and the chair just wasn't comfy enough. Eventually that hour was up and they took me back to draw more blood and the 3rd hour began and came and went.

The 3rd time they drew blood it was starting to hurt from getting pricked so many times in the same spot and my arm started to sting. Same with the last time they drew blood before sending me off.

While waiting in the waiting room, there was a guy that came in, acting like he was running late for an appointment. The girl at the desk was a little confused and flat out asked what kind of appointment he had at an OB/GYN office. The guy looked confused and she clarified they only see females here. The guy was a little embarrassed and realized he was at the wrong clinic! It was a bit funny though!

I was soooo hungry and tired by the time we got done. Hubby dropped me off but had to go to work so my mom picked me up and took me out to lunch (I don't feel comfortable driving when my blood sugar is low or after I've had blood draw as I can feel a little dizzy and weak). I came home and slept for most of the afternoon too.

They said my results will be back Monday and they'll give me a call to let me know and figure where to go from there. Hopefully if I do have the gestational diabetes it's only borderline...

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