3 Hour Glucose Test diet really sucks!

This whole protein and veggie diet I'm on today for my 3 hour glucose test tomorrow morning really sucks!!!

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:jH_XWkBtGa0D5M:http://www.azerscientific.com/images/products/glucose_drinks_animated.gif&t=1Seriously, I ate eggs for breakfast and was okay til around lunchtime. Then I went over to Burger King for lunch and had 2 hamburger patties and a side salad with ranch (it was the only dressing with 1g of sugar or less in it, as they said to eat as little sugar as possible today and no sweets at all). I ate it all but I was still pretty hungry.

I'm planning on going over to Subway and getting a $5 footlong grilled chicken breast with veggies (and eat it without the bun of course since they said to avoid bread today) for dinner. I also had a thing of string cheese for a snack this afternoon as I feel like I'm starving and it has no sugar in it.

Honestly though, what I wouldn't give right now for some bread - especially with peanut butter on it - or a granola bar or a cup of applesauce...

Jay doesn't seem too happy about this lack of food today either as he tends to kick/punch more often in a certain way when I haven't eaten in awhile to sort of get my attention (if I wake up and don't eat right away he really gets going).

Stupid genetics.

I told hubby, he's probably going to have to drag my comatose butt to the doctor in the morning as I know I'm going to feel all sick and like crap in the morning from not eating all that much.


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