Recent Music Discoveries

I love it when I'm listening to the radio and hear a "new" song I haven't heard before and really like it.

Today I made 2 discoveries this way.

Driving to work, I heard the song "Enemy" by Days of the New. Now this song is like 11 years old - before the singer "fired" the rest of the band and they went and formed Tantric, which explains why it sounds a bit Tantric-y - but I had never heard it before and really liked it! It was pretty, yet rockin' at the same time.

Then, driving home later this afternoon, I heard the latest by Shinedown called "Diamond Eyes." Apparently this song was released last summer and was on The Expendables soundtrack - it wouldn't surprise me if it's also on Shinedown's next album as it doesn't seem to appear on any of their previous albums.

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