30 Days of Me: Day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy

Since Christmas is in 25 days, I've been working on getting things ready around here.

I got some fun new Christmas-y candles that hubby and I both love - Iced Snowberries from PartyLite and this seasonal one from Yankee Candle called Christmas Eve. While out at Yankee hubby and I also bought a Blueberry Scone votive for the kitchen that smells REALLY good! We haven't even burned it yet but the scent is so strong it already makes the kitchen smell like blueberry muffins when you walk into it - I LOVE it!

We put up the tree this past weekend although it took longer than expected. Our tree is a 6.5" fake Colorado Pine I bought at Walmart for $30 back when I was in college as I decided our apartment needed a tree. It came pre-lit and last year I had to switch some of the bulbs out. This year we set the tree up, I fluffed it out and went to plug it in and learned that a good portion of the lights were burned out and they didn't give us that many replacements. Note to all of you - DON'T buy a pre-lit Christmas tree. While it might seem like an easy idea, taking them off when they need to be replaced is a HUGE pain in the ass! Hubby helped a little bit but had to go to bed so I spent several hours pulling the pre-lit lights off which were tangled and wrapped around all the branches, held in place by little clips and zip ties! So annoying! I stopped at Walmart yesterday and bought some new strands of lights for the tree.

I finished up the tree last night but not before acquiring plenty of Christmas music to listen to while I decorated!

Hubby still needs to help me decorate the window valance in our living room here though as I can't easily reach it - we have lights and garland to dress on it.

I also bought some snowflake window clings to put on the window and I put our big plastic candy canes between our storm windows there.

You'd think Tiger had never been around for Christmas before, the way she's acting - Sunday when we put the tree out at first she kept climbing up in it and even knocked it over at one point when she sprung out of it! And she kept pawing at some of the ornaments when I was putting them on and I woke up this morning and found a few on the ground (All the special, fragile and breakable ones are near the top so she can't easily knock them off). She was also going nuts at the window when I first put the window clings on there - pawing and attacking them on the window, lol...

We've both been enjoying our "Christmas present to ourselves" the past few days (our new 40" flat screen HDTV) and hubby likes his Samsung Galaxy tablet and I'm liking my new laptop! What I like the most though is that we're spending more time in the living room and out of the bedroom. Until recently we spent the majority of our freetime in the bedroom, as the computer is in there as is a smaller TV, and it would kinda bum me out as I'd spent a good amount of the day watching TV in bed and that gets depressing. But now, hubby prefers to watch TV on the new bigger one, I'm keeping the new laptop out here as well (which is networked to our desktop so I can access all our music and other stuff from the other room), and he can bring his tablet out here and do whatever on it while we watch TV or movies. It's pretty nice!

All our Christmas presents (minus the one that's on pre-order) have arrived too, which is exciting as I wasn't expecting them to be here until later this week! I'm planning on wrapping them up tonight as I just can't wait!

I am a little bummed though as I don't think I'll be baking cookies this year - it appears I may have developed gestational diabetes, as I had my 1 hour glucose screening test yesterday and they want me to come back and do the 3 hour test on Friday. I think it's a bit genetic as my mom pointed out that once her, my aunt and my grandma all hit a certain weight in their pregnancies the GD showed up - I've already passed that weight. Also, they said yesterday that Jay is measuring a bit big too, which if I do have the gestational diabetes, that would possibly explain why he's big. I won't know for sure til I get the results of the 3 hour test, but odds are I have it which means I'll have to stick to a strict diet and won't be able to eat that many Christmas cookies let alone sweets! Boooo

Have you started getting ready for Christmas yet?

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