This week in the World of Warcraft...

So I played a little bit this week, finally finishing up the boring Borean Tundra on my rogue and moving on to Howling Fjord.

There was quite a bit of an issue with lag on my server though, making questing frustrating at times. And no, it's not our computer here - everyone on the server has been complaining about it, citing it's a server-wide issue since the big patch. I think our server hamster is slowly dying... again. Oh well, that's just part of the joys of being on one of the oldest servers!

I ended up disabling all the mods I had running and it helped a little but not much. I did run a bunch of lower 70s random dungeons though, as the instance servers are a million times less laggy compared to my server. Unfortunately I didn't get to see how my dps as a combat rogue was since I had disabled Recount. I must say though, the 31 point talent "Killing Spree" is pretty awesome in dungeons as it does quite a bit of damage in .5 seconds!

Other highlights of my time playing this past week involve getting my rogue to level 74, being able to "properly" enter Dalaran (as I was lazy and didn't feel like tracking down/paying a mage or 'lock to get me there prior to the level 74 quest), and I bought Cold Weather Flying as the last patch made it available to learn at level 68 instead of 78. I also got some new dungeon blues - a nice off-hand dagger from Azjol-Nerub and a nice leather belt from Old Kingdom.

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  1. My hubs blew up his computer, and has since taken over mine in the evenings to play WoW. Drives me crazy.


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