Music Shuffle Monday 11.15.10

http://www.veryicon.com/icon/png/Media/iPod,%20Therefore%20I%20Am/iPod%20Mini%20Blue.png1. "Thoughtless (aka Tear Me Down)" by Korn
For some reason on my iPod the title of this song comes up as "Floyd" - not sure what the deal is with that even though I've always known that wasn't the correct name of the track. This song is off Korn's 2002 album "Untouchables" which was released just after I finished high school. I've never bought a Korn album but like many other bands, I like the singles I've heard on the radio throughout the years. It's a pretty heavy track and I remember hearing this album got pretty good reviews as well.

2. "Tera-Fied" by Static-X
This off their "for the fans" album Cult of Static, however as previously mentioned regarding songs on this album, several tracks on this album seem to showcase Wayne Static's new wife (28-year old retired porn star Tera Wray). This track not only uses her first name in the title, but she also contributes to it by doing vocals at the beginning. Friends that caught Static-X on their last big tour stated that this was one of the songs that she also dances around on stage to. Like typical Static-X, this song has a bit of a trance feel to it.

3. "Do Unto Others" by Mindless Self Indulgence
These guys have a huge discography of songs - many of which I haven't even listened to yet, so that's why they seem to keep popping up on here. This song has a bit of an 80s feel to it, as at first I thought it was an 80 band, similar to that of  Orgy's cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" or early Nine Inch Nails (think late 80s "Pretty Hate Machine" era).

4. "Giants" by Five Iron Frenzy
I loved these guys in high school, as they were a Christian ska band although a lot of their songs were quite random regarding the content (ie: a song about the cast of Different Strokes, a song about Canada, a song about a comb... etc) while others had a more serious message. They were a fun band and I loved rocking out to them. This song has a bit of a They Might Be Giants feel to it near the beginning. According to Wiki, in this song, singer Reese Roper references Adam Smiths' The Wealth of Nations to continue his general attacks on big business and Social Darwinism. Food for thought, right?

5. "Stockholm Syndrome" by Muse
This is off their Absolution album and is another typical Muse track. As mentioned, I was introduced to Muse during my late college years while working at the theater. They have a driving beat with their guitars, the vocals are a bit melodic and they make for good background or "zone out" music.

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