30 Days of Me: Day 26 - Your week, in great detail

Tuesday, November 2
I got up and went to work and actually had a few things to work on. After work I deposited my paycheck and stopped by Walmart to pick up a few items we were out of or running low on as well as a card to send to hubby's 2nd cousin and his wife as they just had their baby girl the day prior. After that, I stopped by our nearby polling place to vote in the election and then went home. Hubby got home shortly after I did and we hung out a bit, watching as the election results came, before I made dinner and he went into UPS for the night. I watched some more of the election coverage and talked to my mom for a little bit on the phone before lighting my Apple Strudel candle and curling up in bed reading some World War Z before I got so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore or focus on reading.

Wednesday, November 3
This day was pretty uneventful, as most Wednesdays have been for me. The highlight that I can recall was watching this night's new episode of I Love Money 4 and then I played some WoW for the first time in like a month and chatted with a friend while in game. I quit when I started getting horrible heartburn that just wouldn't go away - it hurt so bad I laid down in bed and just fell asleep.

Thursday, November 4
I told my "good" ex happy birthday, since it was his birthday (duh!) and I worked today and finished up a few projects my boss had requested I do for her. At the end of the work day, as she was leaving, she told me they were cutting me back to just 1 day a week due to no business for the rest of the year. I understood, but dreaded telling hubby as I knew his reaction would not be a good one. I went home and started looking up jobs in the online listings and applied to a few. Hubby was running late from work so he picked me up and we went straight to our first childbirthing class. I didn't tell him the news yet as I didn't want him to be in a sour mood while we were at the hospital. The class was good, we got early and just went home to make dinner than grab something quick to eat since we had the time. I made dinner, we watched some TV and hubby took a little nap before getting ready for UPS. I broke the news to him then, he reacted how I thought he would. He then went off to work, I talked to my mom on the phone for a bit and then spent the rest of the night filling out applications online. Hubby came home and crashed in bed, citing he didn't feel good.

Friday, November 5
I got up and made myself look nice and headed out to the mall to apply at a few places out there. When I turned in my app for The Children's Place they asked if I could come in on Saturday for a group interview since there was room so of course I said yes. I then headed over to my mom's and we went to Burlington Coat Factory to look for a winter jacket for me that I can fasten over my baby bump as well as a pair of non-heeled winter boots. We found both and then headed over to my friend's for her Partylite candle debut party and spent the evening there. I called hubby afterwards to see if he was feeling up to eating out or if he just wanted me to bring something home - he said he was feeling a little better (he decided to nap when he got off from Verizon while I was out) so we decided to go to Steak n Shake for dinner. My parents decided to go there too so they offered to treat us to dinner, which of course we accepted - we're not ones to turn down a free meal! Afterwards we went to Walmart to pick up a few things, including orange juice since hubby tends to drink a lot of it when he's sick. We went home and hubby soon went to sleep, I made sure to Febreeze my side of the bed good before climbing in with him.

Saturday, November 6
I got up about 9am and made it to The Children's Place out at the mall several minutes before my 1015am group interview. Despite my previous experience with a group interview, this one seemed to go pretty well - there was 5 of us total and I made sure to speak up and ask some questions to make myself known. They told us we probably wouldn't hear anything until Wednesday at the earliest. I came home, blogged a bit and did stuff online and then started on a massive cleaning sweep of the whole apartment. I took a little break around the time hubby was home between jobs and then started up again. I saved the kitchen floor until after he got home as I didn't see the point in cleaning it for him to just come in from outside and get stuff all over it again. He brought us home Taco Bell for dinner. I felt I had quite a productive day. We hung out watching the end of Dumb and Dumber on TBS and hubby fell asleep while Mars Attacks was on - I waited til it was over before passing out myself.

Sunday, November 7
Hubby and I decided to sleep in together since he had been working all week and didn't need to go in until later in the afternoon. We woke around noon and I noticed I had a voicemail. We watched some of the Bears game and commented to all the Bears fans on Facebook that we were going to have a good laugh if they lost to the Bills, who are currently the worst team in the whole NFL as they have yet to win a game. Hubby left for Verizon around 230pm, and I finally checked my voicemail and called The Children's Place back - they wanted to offer me a seasonal position and of course I accepted. They said the manager that was on vacation til Tuesday would call me then to set up my first day. I let hubby and a friend of mine known I got the job and then tried to reach my mom but couldn't get her. I then watched the end of the Bears game and flipped over to TBS which had on Joe Dirt, which I think is more of a sad, depressing movie than a funny one. I fell asleep halfway through it, as my head was a bit stuffy - wasn't sure if I was getting hubby's cold or if it was just sinuses/allergies. I woke up a few hours later and Night at the Roxbury was on. Then Anchorman came on and I started watching that til hubby came home and put on the Cowboys game - we weren't looking forward to it as we knew we were going to get crushed by the Packers as we kinda suck this season. We ended up switching over to AMC in the 4th quarter to watch The Walking Dead as the game was going that badly for us. Then we got caught up Community and The Office as we missed a few episodes due to vacation and our childbirthing class and then went to bed a bit early.

Monday, November 8
I woke the first time shortly after hubby left for Verizon at 9am as I had to empty my bladder and when I went to lay back down, I had this horrible pain in the lower left side of my back. I made sure to lay down on my right side and it eventually went away. I woke again around noon as my mom called, saying she got a strange call for hubby on their house phone. Turns out it was someone from either Harvard Services or "Card" Services - mom wouldn't give them hubby's number, but got a number for us to call them so I called hubby to let him know. The afternoon was pretty uneventful. Hubby came home around 5pm and we laid around in bed together. I got another horrible aching intense cramp or whatever only on my right side this time. It hurt for a good minute or 2 before going away. We napped for a little bit and then I made dinner and then I watched the new episodes of Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It and Mario Lopez's Saved By the Baby on VH1. Then Conan premiered and it was pretty funny! My sis also stopped in to pick up our wedding photos my mom wanted to borrow to show some friends of hers, only I wish my sis had bothered to give me a heads up that one of her guy friends was with her as I answered the door in my PJs with my big belly hanging halfway out - talk about embarassing! I don't care if my family sees me like that (as I thought it was just my mom and sis stopping over), but I do when people I barely know do!

And there you have it, my past week.

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