Less than 100 days!

With the hustle and bustle of things going on yesturday, I completely forgot to check and mention that yesturday marked the countdown that we have 100 days left til Jay is expected to be here in the flesh!

How exciting!!

http://milftobe.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/week-15.jpg?w=294Also, thanks to my regular "What to Expect" emails I get, I learned that this week (26 weeks along, week 27 of pregnancy) that Jay opens his little eyes inside there. They say there's a neat flashlight trick you can play, where you can point a flashlight at your belly and baby will most likely respond to it by kicking/punching and increasing movement, like they're trying to bat the bright light away, as they say the inside of your womb is more of a burgundy color. They were telling us about this neat little trick at our first childbirthing class too. We tried it last night, but I couldn't tell if he was increasing movement or not as he was already moving around to begin with, lol...

In other news, I started my first day at The Children's Place yesturday. It seemed to go pretty well - they had me come in at 1130am to fill out paperwork and read through the handbooks and all that which took a good bit of time. Then they were going to have me shadow someone on the registers but it got a bit busy and they ended up having 4 people behind the register as it was and there wasn't much room to squeeze me in so they had me help a girl unload boxes in the stockroom - security tagging clothes and putting them on hangers and taking them out on the floor as they had a bunch of boxes to get through this weekend before another huge shipment comes in later this week! It was a pretty easy work day if you ask me and I didn't mind helping out in the stockroom - it's something to do and I'd much rather help and do something than have nothing to do and be bored.

There's also another pregnant girl working there too - I think she's a little further along than me and was having some Braxton Hicks contractions as she suddenly came in the back and just squatted in pain for a minute or so until it went away. She said she was fine though and after drinking some water she went back out. So it's nice to know I'm not the only preggo on staff! A lot of the other girls were talking about their young kids too, so it seems like most are mothers and should make for a pleasant work environment since they've all been pregnant too!

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  1. well... my sis just had a little one. he's about 1 week old. i'm excited for yoU!


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