Job woes (another blow)... things can't get much worse, right?

So today I had work, like I do most Tuesdays and Thursdays, however I got a bit of a surprise near the end of the day when the last of my bosses went to leave...

I was informed that a sale we had recently started was abruptly cut short and ended last week, leaving us with nothing for the rest of the year as we were planning on this sale carrying through the next 2 months at least.

What's this mean for me?

They have to cut my hours/days back - AGAIN - but to now 1 day a week, and they'll be paying me hourly at $12.50 an hour (so assuming I work at least 5 hours a day, that means I'll be making half of what I just previously was making).


Yeah, talk about sux0rz today...

My boss that told me felt really bad about it too (she kept saying how she hated having to do this and was nearly in tears), as she knows we're saving every penny we can with Jay on the way and then the car accident we had last week... I just hate the timing, although this time it wasn't really foreseen as it just happened last week.

I was dreading telling hubby as I knew he wouldn't take it well - with the car accident last week he's already been stressing about money - he just feels that it seems like we can't ever get ahead and when it seems like we might, something happens out of nowhere that throws us for a loop.

I mean, it's only $200 a month that we're losing here, but still... that's $200 we could use elsewhere.

And I know hubby hates working as much as he does.

As it is, with me being preggo right now, aside from whatever seasonal jobs are left at this point (most places I know were hiring for that last month and looking online, I could only find 3 places to apply to) no one is going to want to hire a clearly pregnant chick for anything more than seasonal - I wouldn't be able to get maternity leave either as I wouldn't be at the job long enough to qualify, so I would have to quit when I went into labor.

I'm once again, regretting ever taking this job and leaving the theater. If hadn't left, the way I was told management got shifted around last year, I would have gotten a pay raise and since by now I would have been there for over 4 years straight getting maternity leave wouldn't be an issue. I left because 1) it seemed everyone was putting pressure on me after college graduation to get a job within my field that utilized my art degree and background; 2) I moved back to my hometown 30 miles away from the theater once my apartment lease was up 6 months after graduation and the idea of driving 15-20 minutes to work instead of 45 was appealing; 3) The pay at the time was exactly the same however I would be working half as many hours and not spending as much money on gas every week (which that summer gas got up to $4.50/gal and I was having to fill up every 4 or 5 days).

If only I had a crystal ball... as I've mentioned numerous times before, I really enjoyed working at the theater - it was a fun, easy job that kept me busy with the only stresses being the occasional disgruntled customer or a technical issue with one of the projectors and having to wait on a tech to fix it. I loved the environment of interacting with people and I got along great with the other managers and pretty much all of the employees. I can't really say I've ever loved my current job... it's been pretty boring and somewhat slow ever since I started - not nearly as busy as I was lead to believe and rarely is there a lot of work for me to do.

I suggested once again we consider selling my car - I suggested it to him last time my hours got cut, but he pointed out that if one of us got a 2nd job, only having the 1 car could complicate things. This time though, I'm working 1 day a week - I could easily take him to work at Verizon in the morning and pick him up afterwords. It's not like I go out a lot on days I don't work and if I needed the car for some reason one day, I could just drop him off and pick him up again. Plus my mom lives about 10 minutes away so if an emergency came up I'm sure I could rely on her to help me out. Once Jay comes, I'm sure I'll be keeping busy at home with him anyway and if I need to get out, we can just go for walks with the stroller.

My car is pretty decent. It's a 2004 Chevy Aveo sedan with about 55,000 miles and gets really good highway mileage - it's a great commuter car! Also, it's a stick-shift too which is hard to find these days. The only setbacks are that it doesn't have A/C (although it can be easily installed if one wants to spend the money on it), power locks or power windows. We still owe about $3500 on the loan but I'm sure I could sell it for about $4000 to cover that any other expenses that go with selling a car. I pay $200 a month on it, plus car insurance and gas and then there's routine maintenance to pay for too so by selling the car, we'd be saving money on all that. My only confusion is how to transfer the title to the new owner, as I'd be taking the money from selling it to pay off the loan but I don't get the physical title until the loan is paid off since the company the loan is through has it.

Hubby still has to agree to it though (which right now he's leaning towards no, in the event that I find a better job after Jay is born).

What we *really* need is for UPS to start promoting people again so hubby can get his driver training in and get a full-time spot when one opens up - once he's full-time we'll be fine as his salary will be a lot more than it is now and he won't need the money from the job at Verizon so he can quit there and go back to working just the one job and anything I make will purely be extra income.


  1. Oh, that's rough with the hours being cut. It sounds like you made the right choice at the time with switching jobs, but it's just been poor luck recently.

    That is a tough dilemma with what to do about paying off the loan with the money you get from selling the car. There may be some way to transfer the loan to the buyer, so they have to pay it off, but that sounds complicated. I guess if you found someone who trusted you, or some way to assure them that they'd get the title as soon as the money went through (some sort of contract? offering collateral?), then it could be avoided, but I'm not sure the chances of that happening.

    I hope it works out! And I hope the promotions and better jobs come in for you. It's a rough patch, but you'll pull through :)

  2. You're right, that does suck :( I hope things pick up for you! Sounds like a string of bad luck.. but that just means things have to pick up again


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