30 Days of Me: Day 27 - This month, in great detail

I went to bed early last Wednesday and wasn't near a computer until late Thursday night so I forgot to make this post last week - sorry for the delay!

My month in great detail... hm... well since today is November 16, that takes us back to mid-October to start.

Let's see...

We took our vacation to Dallas, Texas and had a blast save for the last 24hrs of the trip as we hit that buck 20 miles outside St. Louis on our way home and it messed up our car. We ended up going to the ER when we got back since I'm preggo and everyone was insisting we go get checked out. Yay for having good insurance though as they took care of us, hooking us up with a rental to drive home, getting our car towed to a shop and then fixing it up for us and we all had to pay was our deductible.

Found out there was another tragedy at my aluma mater, as a freshman art student went missing and they found burned human remains in a park not too far from campus that they believe to be her as her cell phone and other personal items were found near the ashes.

Got my hours cut back at work due to lack of business - AGAIN - so I went out looking for a seasonal job. I filled out an app at The Children's Place and they had me come in for a group interview the next day and called me back the day after to offer me a position. I've worked there once and am waiting for them to call me and let me know when they want me to come in next as they had to figure out how to work us seasonals into the schedule.

Went to my friend's Partylite candle party debut as she's a consultant now and I bought some Christmas gifts. Since I got another Amazon.com giftcard to add to my current giftcard balance as well as a few Gamestop giftcards we decided to do most of our Christmas shopping through Amazon and Gamestop to help save on spending money for gifts this year since we got our car deductible to pay off our credit card and we have doctor/hopsital stuff we need to save for and pay with Jay on the way. So far it's turning out really well as Amazon has some great deals and it looks like we have enough of a giftcard balance to cover everything we're getting off there (plus it's free shipping on orders of $25 or more!).

We went back to the bank to see about getting pre-approved for a home loan and learned that we're *this close* to getting it - we're planning on going back in in January and we should be all set and ready to go.

We started our baby classes at the hospital - I had the breastfeeding class last night and we have our last of 3 childbirthing classes we're taking on Thursday. We're taking a newborn care class too, but that's not until January.

Hubby's 2nd cousin and his wife gave birth to a baby girl at the beginning of November. Speaking of birthday's, hubby had his, my dad's is today and my parents had their anniversary (which is the same day as hubby's birthday).

That's pretty much all the highlights of the past month that I can think of off the top of my head.

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