Fun Thanksgiving Questionnaire

http://www.uttertrivia.com/images/cartoonturkey.jpgNormally I don't post surveys or reoccurring memes on here as I think most are redundant and get old kinda fast, however Angela over at High on Life posted this Fill-In-The-Blank Friday one this past Friday and since it's Thanksgiving oriented, I thought it might be kind of fun to post with the holiday this week!

1.  My Thanksgiving plans this year will include...
Since our families both do Thanksgiving, hubby and I alternate whose parent's house we go to each year for this holiday. This year it's our turn to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws at their home roughly an hour and 15 minutes away. While dinner isn't until 6pm, I think we'll be heading over a little earlier since the annual Thanksgiving Cowboys game is on at 3:15 and well, watching the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving is an old pasttime of mine and of course hubby can't miss a televised game!

Normally we would spend the night at my in-laws, however this year we're heading back home that night since hubby has to work Black Friday morning and we're hoping to get lucky and score one of those 40" Westinghouse flat screen TVs Target has on sale at 4am for $298 (this is would be our Christmas present to ourselves this year)! We plan on getting in line as soon as we get back in town - should be fun as while I've shopped on Black Friday most years, I've never actually waited outside in line for anything!

The weekend after Thanksgiving, in my family at least, is traditionally when we break out all the Christmas decorations and set them up. Setting them up before Thanksgiving is just waaaaay too soon for me!

2.  My favorite Thanksgiving was...
Oh geez, I'm not really sure, to be honest as up until 2 years ago I always just spent Thanksgiving with my family, rotating dinner every other year between my parent's house and my aunt's house, as mom and my aunt trade off Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners so neither gets stuck making 2 big meals a month apart.

3.  My signature Thanksgiving dish is    
Well the only Thanksgiving dish I've ever attempted making is the homemade recipe we have for these really delicious rolls! Mine turned out okay although not nearly as soft as my mom and aunt can make them.

4.  My favorite Thanksgiving food is...   
Oh geez, all of it! Especially when my mom makes it. No offense to my mother-in-law, as her food is yummy too, but I've spent most of my life eating my mom's Thanksgiving food so I'm a bit biased, lol... but no, my mom and aunt make these really delicious noodles from scratch that I've always loved, plus the rolls I mentioned above and then there's the mashed potatoes and turkey and gravy on everything... plus the pumpkin pie too as my mom makes her own pies. I told her to save me a pie this year since we won't be there... I should probably mention to save me some leftover noodles and rolls too as my mother-in-law doesn't make those either and I love them!

5.  Thanksgiving free association!     
Turkey, food, family, warmth.

6.  Thansgiving is... 
Thanksgiving is being thankful for the people in your life and the things you've been blessed with.

7.  I am thankful for...  
My family, friends, faith and freedom; my kitty; our growing baby boy whose in the flesh arrival is quickly creeping up on us; that we have a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in, and food in our bellies; that hubby is fortunate enough to have 2 jobs that provide us with enough funds to pay the bills and stay afloat financially; and that we're in relatively good health.

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