"Oh please, make it stop!"

http://www.multiplexcomic.com/images/strips/multiplex-529.pngI have to go get ready for my doctor's appointment this morning, so Music Shuffle Monday will be up later today, however in the meantime I thought I would share's today edition of the webcomic Multiplex.

I've mentioned Multiplex in the past, but for those that are newer to the blog since the last time I posted about it, Multiplex is a webcomic based out of the Chicago suburbs and the main setting of the comic takes place at a movie theater and the plotlines revolve around the different employees that work there. If you've ever worked at a movie theater before I highly recommend taking the time and going back through the archives as the author of this one is pretty spot on about things that happen at the theater that it's almost scary! lol...

Today's post had me laughing as I can totally relate - when the Hannah Montana (with special guests the Jonas Brothers) 3D concert movie was released in theaters in early 2008, I was the manager that got stuck having to screen the thing as it was our first digital 3D movie at the theater and we needed to make sure there were no glitches as we were expecting a huge crowd for it. This was basically how I felt - I wanted someone to kill me, to make it stop, as I thought it was THAT bad, lol...

Click the image to view the link to the actual comic as I know it's kind of small here.

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