Our AWESOME WoW Thanksgiving desktop background

In lieu of Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought I would show off our awesome desktop background that I set for this month.

Hubby likes to put up some more artsy, game-themed (like WoW and Starcraft) backgrounds while I prefer ones that are appealing to look at (such as the time I put up a really hot True Blood background featuring Sookie, Bill and Eric, or The Expendables one I put up there last August and kept until recently). I was getting tired of The Expendables one though and decided to change it up.

I figured Blizzard would have some really cool Cataclysm wallpapers up on their site, however, in my search, I came across this really awesome Thanksgiving-themed one!

Now it looks like it's part of a calendar wallpaper set, as the numbers/dates across the bottom are for August, but regardless, it works awesomely for Thanksgiving and was just too funny!


I *LOVE* all the turkeys frantically running away from the human in the Pilgrim dress and the gnome with the rolling pin! LOL...

In case I don't get around to posting tomorrow - Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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