28 week photo

People who view my Facebook have been telling me lately I need to take and post more belly shots, so since this week is our first week of the 3rd trimester I figured it was probably time for an updated photo anyway - last one I took/posted was at 20 weeks!

28 weeks, 1 day
Since the news from the doctor today is that Jay is measuring a bit on the "big" side for his gestation age, hubby is jokingly referring to him as "Ginormo Baby" lol...

Fortunately most the weight I gain in these last 9-12 weeks will be mostly him and not me, so if I do get any bigger it's all him!

Honestly though, despite what people have said and told me and the average pregnant first timer is about 8 days late, I've always had this gut instinct that he's going to be early by maybe a few weeks. I guess we'll see, but right now he's only 28 weeks in there and his fundal length is measuring about 32cm - "normal" would be 28-30cm.

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