The Car Full of Fail.

The other night while hubby and I were pulling out of our neighborhood and onto one of the nearby main streets, heading to our 2nd childbirthing class we pulled up at the intersection to make a right onto the main street right behind this SUV with some pretty fail stickers on it.

The first one that caught my attention was this:

 I DRIVE LIKE A CULLEN - TWILIGHT - Vinyl Car Decal Sticker #1798 | Vinyl Color: White

displayed proudly on the bottom center of the back windshield. I gave a giggle and pointed it out to hubby. Of course I had to explain to him that the Cullen's are the main vampire clan in the Twilight series, as he's only watched the first movie and that was with the Rifftrax and he was too drunk during the 2nd movie to the point where he maybe remembers 10 minutes of it here and there, lol...

As previously mentioned on here, I'm not a fan of the Twilight series - I read the first 3 books before they were insanely popular and then the 4th soon after it came out and thought the first 3 were just okay while the 4th one was one of the biggest pieces of crap I ever read and I want the 2 weeks it took me to force myself to finish it back. As for the movies... I only watched the 1st two and they were bad - like, really bad! The first one was laughable at how horrible EVERYTHING was (especially the special effects and cinematography, not to mention the acting) and the 2nd one I was just bored in and would have walked out had I not actually paid to see it. I think Bella is a horrible rolemodel for teenage girls and Edward is just a creepy, stalker controlling boyfriend.

I'd much rather read/watch the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series - at least Sookie's a female who puts her foot down and stands up to the boys than let them control her life and well, the guys on the show are all adults too so I can ogle all I want without feeling dirty, lol...

Also, as I've mentioned before, I'm not much of a Nickelback fan. Now I'll admit, they have a few good songs and I liked their album "The State" back in the day before they went insanely mainstream and most all of their songs were either sounded the same or were about sex. The latter though is why I think they should just stop making music.

Anyways, we were behind this car at the next stoplight and I noticed a 2nd sticker on the back of the vehicle that said:
"I'd Rather Be at a Nickelback Concert"

I again busted out laughing - not only does the owner of this car like bad literature and/or movies, but they also have a horrible taste in music if they like Nickelback THAT much!

If this is your vehicle, I'm sorry, but hubby and I deem it full of fail!

Thanks for the laughs though!


  1. Ha! Love this post.

    A part of me is hoping that the driver put those stickers on his/her car *ironically*, cause really -- a Nickelback lover (blech) who loves Twilight (what?) AND is proud of the fact that he/she is a reckless driver? I just don't want to believe anyone could be that big of a douche! :P


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