30 Days of Me: Day 12 - Whatever tickles your fancy II

Another "Whatever Tickles Your Fancy" post in this meme... last Spring I posted what's "In my bag" and thought it would be fun to do an updated one since I've since cleaned out my purse and reorganized things since then.

Starting at the top  left and working across...

1. My Bag
It's black faux leather (I think) and hubby bought it for me from Target for my 25th birthday. I also have a little black and red ribbon attached to it that some students were passing out at Walmart days after the shooting on campus.

2. My Wallet
I got this at Gordman's a few months ago and I love it - it matches my bag and it's got a side for my cards and ID and checkbooks and then the other side zips and holds money among other things. I also store my portable 2g USB drive in here too.

3. Motorola Droid
I love my phone! I never saw the point or need in a smartphone until I got one and I just love it! It's basically a mini-computer as I can do pretty much anything I need to - check email, Facebook, Twitter, blog, read blogs, go on the internet, watch videos, listen to mp3s, etc.

4. Mace
I'm female, I sometimes run out to the store after dark or come home after dark if I've been out... could come in handy!

5. A pocket sized thing of Kleenex
I have allergies so these sometimes come in handy

6. A hairclip
Just in case I need to put my hair up for something, this is a temporary fix

7. Wipes
I got these from some restaurant and thought they might come in handy...

8. Tampons
I have no clue why I still have these in my bag - I haven't needed them for the last 4 months and I most likely won't need them for at least another 5-6 months if not longer... I keep forgetting to take them out! lol...

9. 5 React Gum
It's yummy and yeah... I always have a pack of gum on me

10. A reminder card for my next preggo appointment, some random business card, an NIU Huskie 2010 Football schedule, movie ticket to The Expendables

11. 2 pens, a mini-Maglite, and a Tide to Go stain remover pen

12. Pink and Black makeup pouch which houses items 13-17

13. Mary Kay small compact that holds 3 eye shadows, 1 blush, applicators and Garnetfrost lipstick

14. Mary Kay Satin Hands hand lotion

15. 3 Mary Kay Nourishine Lipglosses in Berry Sparkle, Sugar and Cream and Beach Bronze

16. Round Compact mirror with pouch

17. 2 bottles of Clear Eyes eyedrops - one is for contact lenses, the other is the Triple Action Relief

18. Pill container which I store my prenatal vitamins
I take them daily with dinner since they say to take with food and sometimes we go out to eat so I figured it'd be smart to keep some on me.

What's in your bag?

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  1. This is SUCH a good idea! Thanks for the inspiration!!


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