Twitter and celeb encounters

Awhile back I mentioned the first time I ever had a celeb (or at least someone I've watched on TV) Tweet a reply back to me.

I love when people who are famous or at least semi-famous take the time to interact with those of us not on TV that follow them.

Summer Sanders' Prenatal WorkoutEarlier this week I ordered a Yoga/Workout DVD for pregnancy by Summer Sanders off Amazon.com. Summer is an Olympic gold medal swimmer and in addition to her hosting duties in the late 90s/early 2000s on Nickelodeon's Figure It Out game show, she also does specials and such on ESPN and was a contestant on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice 3 that aired this past Spring. In the DVD, there's 3 different workouts - one for each trimester you're in - and Summer is 7 months pregnant in it so it helps to see a fellow pregnant lady doing the exercises and being able to watch how she gets into these different positions so you don't hurt yourself. Each trimester workout has 2 versions - a full length one that lasts about 50 minutes or a shorter "express" version. I tried the full length version yesterday since I had the time and wow! What a workout! I felt pretty good afterwards too!

Anyways, impressed, I decided to look up Summer on Twitter and just give her props for doing a great pregnancy workout DVD:

And to my surprise, a little while later, she Tweeted me back!
It was a nice surprise! I never expect celebs or sem-famous people to response back to me on Twitter.

Also, awhile back, I had an amusing conversation with Ambre Lake - the winner of Rock of Love 2 - regarding the Shake Weight. She made a mention of it and I just simply responded:
And then she Direct Messaged me back:
However since she doesn't follow me, I couldn't Direct Message her back so I had to respond to her like normal:
In which she responded back:

It was pretty funny!

And last week, to those that follow me on Twitter, you know I've been hyping/promoting I Love Money 4 with a bunch of others as VH1 isn't promoting it, despite the large fanbase for the show:

Sorry for the spam!

Surprisingly, a few days later in my email, I get this message from Twitter:

Kinda cool and I felt obliged to follow her back. She also Retweeted one of my I Love Money 4 plugs the other night and other people were Retweeting it too!

How cool is that?

Twitter's made me feel special this week =)

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  1. I'm waiting for the day I get RT'd by a celeb or mini celeb! It hasn't happened!!!! :/ Hoping for an @nathanfillion tweet :)


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