Another "big" announcement!

Not to go all baby-heavy on this blog, since I have my baby blog for that, but I just thought I'd share...

We're having a boy!

We had our 18 week check-up today and while our anatomical survey isn't until our October appointment, the ultrasound tech asked us if we wanted to know in case baby was cooperating and she could tell what it is. Of course we said yes - the suspense was killing us and we couldn't stand to wait another 4 weeks if we could find out sooner.

He was being super active again today, all moving around and stuff. We got another picture of him waving hi like he does on these things, then when the tech moved the scanner to look for gender, well, he definitely wasn't shy about proudly showing off his package to us, as you can see in the photo! lol... even the tech commented on how not shy he was being about it! lol... after that though, the little stinker decided that was enough for today and rolled over, turning his back to us! lol... and then when the doctor tried to clock the heartbeat, he was too busy moving around and wouldn't stay still for second long enough for the doc to hear it on his handheld device, lol...

Anyways, we're naming him Jaydran Alexander, and calling him Jay for short. Jaydran also happens to be the name of one of hubby's favorite WoW characters, which turns out, he confessed, he stole the name from a real person, so it's not entirely a stretch of the "out there" names. I guess this boy he played baseball with in Jr High/High School had an older sister named Jaydra or some variation of that and he always liked the name, so in WoW, he used Jaydran as the male version of it. It works - I was against it at first but it grew on me and it's a little different given our last name is so common in this city. And figured Jay for short works as a nickname. Plus, our kid will have the same first and last initials as his daddy too, which is kinda cute =)

We're going to do a Mario themed nursery - mom's going to help me make a Mario/Mario Kart mobile and I want to paint the room to look like the first level of the original Super Mario Bros game with the blue sky, reddish bricks on the ground with the blocks, green tubes and castle and include various different characters from the series such as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, Bowser, etc. Toys R Us Express out at the mall has some of the mini plushies too, so I might pick a few of those up, just to display around the nursery to go with the theme. If you guys come across any fun Mario stuff that would work in a nursery, plus send me links!

While I can't be super girly with a boy, we at least know he'll enjoy playing video games, watching football with daddy, rocking out to music with mommy, and we can take him to some of the more family friendly super hero movies (like Iron Man 2 and Spiderman). It'll be fun!


  1. Wow, that's so exciting! Congratulations! Of course, it would be exciting either way, but it's just exciting to know, so you can start calling him by name and buying the appropriate decorations etc. I LOVE the idea of the Mario-themed bedroom. It will be so adorable. He will be the luckiest baby boy :)

    Hmm, though I'm wondering what he will say if when he's a little older he finds out you posted a picture of him showing off his junk on the internet :P Haha.

  2. Congrats to both of you! Ahh! That's exciting! And Suer Mario themed nursery is an amazing idea. I hope you document your progress with it!


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