30 Days of Me: Day 15 - A fanfic

Oh geez, I haven't written much of a fanfic in AGES!

Back in Junior High I used to write X-Files fanfiction on the old Prodigy Classic boards - there was a decent group of us, we'd all make up or pretend we were characters from the show and take turns writing chapters and such. For example, my character was JJ Walker - Scully's niece who was a new agent at the FBI, however she had a secret - she was dating Alex Krycek, the 2 were madly in love, and she was sort of his sidekick as he had gone rogue. Ah the dilemma!

Someone else was Scully, another was Mulder, and they would write chapters that were heavy on their own storyline but still keep the continuity of the ones that I had wrote for myself and that others had wrote for their characters, so our writings all meshed together into one big RPG story.

It was a lot of fun, albeit short lived.

Then in college, sometime after I started playing WoW, I started writing some WoW fanfic that included my Paladin Flourentine's adventures in the game. First I started out with her backstory and how she became a Paladin and then I planned on fleshing it out and including various memorable adventures I had had in game - her joining the Templar guild and branching off with friends to create a sister Templar guild; her marriage to Bjorn; her experiences raiding; various friendships she held near and dear over the years...

I didn't get that far though - I had just about finished with her backstory when got busy and forgot about it.

I would post some of it, but well... the only copy I know of where it's at is on my unreliable laptop and I'd rather not have to start it up and try and get it to work right now - I know I sent hubby a copy awhile back and I thought I recalled him having saved it somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment... Maybe another time though!

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