Music Shuffle Monday 09.06.10

http://www.veryicon.com/icon/png/Media/iPod,%20Therefore%20I%20Am/iPod%20Mini%20Blue.png1. "Everybody's Fool" by Evanescense
This album came out my first year in college and I thought it was pretty rockin' - there's not a lot of rock bands with female singers that I actually like and I really liked most of this album. I thought Amy Lee was awesome!

2. "When You Called My Name" by The Newsboys
Another one by these guys. As I said in a previous edition of Music Shuffle Monday, Newsboys were pretty big at my church and youth group when I was in like Jr. High. This is one of their softer songs off the "Going Public" album.

3. "Numbered Days" The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
I was in 7th grade when my aunt and my soon to be uncle took me and my best friend to Chicago's Q101 Jamboree music festival that year and ska band The Bosstones were one of the big headliners as their single "The Impression That I Get" was huge on the radio. I didn't really know any of their other songs at the time but I eventually bought their "Let's Face It" CD when I was going through my ska phase in 8th and 9th grade and listened to it quite a bit - this song is on that album and like most the songs on the album, it's pretty catchy! A lot of their songs have "fun" mob themes to them too!

4. "You and I" by Ace of Base
This is a bonus track on the Europe version of their 2nd album The Bridge, which I acquired when I was getting a lot of my CDs until the computer and did it the lazy way. This one has more of the male vocals on the track than most of their stuff, as usually the 2 guys in Ace of Base create the music while the sisters are the ones on most of the vocals. It's a typical Ace of Base dance track though. Ace of Base was one of my favorite groups in the mid-late 90s - my childhood best friend got me hooked on their album The Sign and I anxiously awaited the release of their 2nd album The Bridge and promptly bought that one as soon as I could (it was the first actual CD I ever bought myself).

5. "Always" by Bon Jovi
One of my favorite Bon Jovi rock ballads, this song tells the tell of a break up and how while the guy knows he's lost the love of his life over something stupid he did, he'll still always love her even when she moves on to someone else and he wishes her the best. The "racy" (for the mid-90s) video (starring the likes of Keri Russell and Carla Gugino) depicted this pretty well, as it shows him cheating one on girl, so she leaves him and falls for another guy right as he comes to apologize and make things right. For some reason my grade school self loved this video and the story it told (I've always liked music videos that play out the story in the song).


  1. Ooo Bon Jovi! Love that song, but have never seen the video! Now I have to!!!


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