Third time's a charm, right?

Wish us luck - after work today hubby and I are meeting with the mortgage lady at the bank to try and get pre-approved for a home loan. Again.

Third time's a charm, right?

We're meeting with the lady we originally met with a year ago, as I was kinda put off by the guy we met with last Spring. I am going to want to bang my head against a wall though if she comments about hubby not being on my MK Visa to help with his lack of revolving credit, as he was originally on it but because it was so new last Spring, the guy told us it was dragging his credit score down and to get him off it ASAP.

I'm *really* hoping it goes well - last Spring his credit was only about 40 points or so off from where it needed to be and we've since paid off more stuff and gotten him off others, so *hopefully* we get it this time... I hope.

Otherwise, even if we took care of the last 2 things that's possibly on there (old old stuff that they told us not to worry about as it was so old that it wouldn't help raise it much at all), we'd still have to wait 60 days for it come off the credit report and well, as of right now, we got 5 months til Jay's estimated arrival to come up with a bigger place to live!

The sooner we can get pre-approved, the sooner we can continue our house hunt and get moved in before it starts snowing (and the sooner I can get started our Mario-themed nursery for Jay!) - I don't mind moving in a little bit of snow or slush even, but in December and January here in Northern Illinois, winter can get pretty nasty and moving in several feet of snow just doesn't sound appealing to me!

Wish us luck or say a little prayer please!

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