30 Days of Me: Day 11 - A photo of you taken recently

http://www.harappa.com/hawkshaw/gif/album2.jpgI spent last night backing up all our photos and music to our 1T external hard drive I got hubby last year for Christmas and in the process I went through a lot of our photos from the past few years and realized that aside from our wedding and honeymoon, I haven't really put any photos in albums since my 2nd year of college. I took out any remaining photos of my ex that somehow didn't get pulled from those 2 college albums and decided to move em around and condense the albums and then I went through all our photos on the computer and Facebook and pulled my favorites from over the years for both of us and sent them off to get printed (BTW, if you upload 50 or more photos to Walgreens.com and enter in the code "allyear" at checkout you can get them printed at 10cents a print up through this Saturday - cheapest deal on photo printing I could find!). I spent this evening filling up the remaining album as well as the new one I bought today (Walmart has some nice ones of various sizes for $12 and under), as hubby watched the Saints vs. Vikings game (no clue why, as we're Cowboys fans and our game isn't on until Sunday night).

Why did I do this?

Well, like I said, I haven't gotten any photos printed and put in albums since like 2004 aside from our wedding and honeymoon, plus I was thinking about it, when I was little I always loved looking through the 2 albums my mom had in our family room - I was recently reminded of this when I was visiting with my friend who just had her 2nd kid and her 3 year old was showing me through the albums they have for him and his sister, he was so excited to flip through them and show off the photos of his family and pets to me! I look forward to flipping through our photo albums with our kids when they're old enough, showing off all the fun times hubby and I had growing up over the years...

Anyways, I also realized, we haven't really taken many photos this year AT ALL!

So for this post, I present a "Myspace"-esque photo I took of myself in our bathroom this past winter with my camera.

That's me with my Mary Kay "full glamour" look on with a scarf on and my long mirror Lia Sophia necklace. I'm also wearing my contacts... something I actually haven't done in months - my eyes are going to be screaming in pain the next time I actually pop them in! And that's part of our lovely bathroom in the background - that metal shelving unit actually isn't there at the moment - it fell down (again) and we just haven't put it back up yet so the Huskie Duckie and the books now reside on the back of the toilet.

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