A fun/interesting observation

At the time we got pregnant, everyone we knew that was already pregnant either had their baby sometime in the fall of 2009 or last spring, or they were due this fall. We figured that we would be on the tail end of people we knew having babies, since the last baby's due date that we knew of was in October (this coming month) and ours isn't until the end of February.

But it seems, rather than being at the end of the previous "baby boom" we're instead at the very beginning of the next cycle! It seems we announced our pregnancy a bit early, as in the past month or so we've learned of several others we know that are due either right after us or sometime in March!

Let's see...
First one I heard about is my friend's baby sister who is due about 2 weeks after me.
Then I learned that my first college roommate (the girl I lived with my first year at college, in the dorms) is about 5 weeks behind me.
I also learned that a girl who is close family friends with my inlaws is also due sometime a few weeks after our baby is.
And then just last week an old friend of hubby's and mine from youth group announced that she is pregnant too - due the week after us!

How exciting!

And I keep hearing of people who know other people who just recently learned or announced they are expecting sometime mid-spring next year!

It's the new baby boom cycle!

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