WoW plushies are cute!

I apologize for the lack of Warcraft Wednesday posting. To be honest, there hasn't been much in game going on lately and the last few times I tried to login to the Cataclysm Beta I haven't had much luck, as one week there was a glitch with the goblins that wouldn't let anyone login and currently the Beta is down for maintenance. Eventually, when I can login, I'll be sure to share some of the facelifts that Azeroth has gotten!

In the meantime, I thought I would show off the uber cute Wind Rider Cub that hubby got my for my birthday!

It just arrived via FedEx (booo) this afternoon. On a side note, when they try to deliver something and you're not home, they leave a sticker or whatever saying they missed you and your package requires a signature. It says you can pick it up after 5pm or they will try to redeliver for 2 more consecutive business days. However, when they redeliver, they just hand it to you, no signature or nothing. Why is that? I thought they couldn't deliver the day before because it required a signature and now suddenly it doesn't? I'm confused...

Anyways, my little Wind Rider Cub arrived today. He came in a kind of small box, I was a bit surprised by the size. I opened it up and he comes in a little black tote bag with the red Horde logo on one side and the WoW and Blizzard logos on the otherside with the words "Wind Rider Cub" on it.

I opened it up and there's my cub - so cute!
I had to poof his mane out a bit as it was smooshed. Tiger likes him too - I have sitting on the desk next to our monitor right now and she came up and started chewing on and licking his mane and then she tried to sink her teeth into his tail, lol...

I had to wait a bit to login and redeem the code on the card that came with him as the battle.net site was down, but I had no problems once it was back up. I logged in and got all my characters the cub, as it's Bind on Account for all your current and future characters.

I took some pictures too on my hordies.

Here's the cub in-game, walking like all the other pets do:

And here's a few of him flying alongside my Belf's Epic Wind Rider mount:

Isn't he too cute???

I'm thinking of getting hubby the Gryphon Hatchling for Christmas as he has this love of Gryphons/Griffins


  1. Wait. When you get the stuffed animal, you also get a virtual version in game?!


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