Maternity Clothes

Last week my mom took me shopping for some maternity clothes. What I really needed was a pair of close-toed shoes, as the weather's been going from summery 70+ temps to fall 50-60ish temps and the only casual "work" type shoes I own that are close-toed are all heels. I had been wearing my flip flops all summer as they're comfy, but I needed a more comfy shoe to wear when it's cooler out.

Anyways, my dad had told my mom a few months ago to go ahead and take me maternity clothes shopping so I don't look all frumpy or am wearing clothes that are way too small and tight on me, so on my quest to find some shoes for cooler weather, we decided to pick up some tops and maternity pants.

We went to Old Navy first and found these 2 tops in the clearance section:
http://oldnavy.gap.com/Asset_Archive/ONWeb/Assets/Product/772/772274/main/on772274-02p01v01.jpg http://oldnavy.gap.com/Asset_Archive/ONWeb/Assets/Product/772/772274/main/on772274-04p01v01.jpg 
Now they're not exactly maternity tops, but they're loose and fall-ish. We figured while it's still 60-70+ out I can wear a simple tank top or a cami under them and then when it gets cool I can wear a long sleeved shirt under them (I have ones in both white and black).

Next we went to Target and we found this maternity top:
We also bought a stretchy white maternity cami that I wear under it. I love this top though - it's probably my favorite! It also has a zipper accent in the back, I guess for easier access to get in it, but I'm not entirely sure of its purpose...

Next we went to Gordman's where we found a bunch of Motherhood Maternity brand clothes for good prices:
 http://www.motherhood.com/images/swatches/9128165swd.Jpg http://www.motherhood.com/images/swatches/9056915swd.jpg http://www.motherhood.com/images/swatches/9049191swd.jpg 
The red top we also bought in black. The purple one in the middle I actually wore the other night when hubby and I went out for our 2 year wedding anniversary dinner. The only thing I don't like about these tops is that they have a tie in the back that I often forget to untie before I try and put it on and then I get stuck before I remember to untie it! The other purple top is a hoodie with the baby doll top effect to it as it has the empire waist with the rest flowing out.

We also got me a pair of maternity jeans with the stretchy band and a pair of black maternity pants to wear for a more dressy look with some of my tops.

I tried on some of the maternity dresses but HATED the way they all looked - they were all like cotton and clung in all the wrong places, making me look fat instead of pregnant - yuck!

We also found a pair of shoes for me at Payless when we stopped out at the mall. They're a black loafer with a 2 inch block heel and a slight platform (I hate flat shoes and can't wear them).

I'm a little disappointed though as on TV I keep seeing H&M commercials for this really cute poncho top for $19.95:
The problem is... the nearest H&M store is located over 50 miles away - by the time we spent the gas and paid the tolls and spent the nearly 3hrs in roundtrip driving... it wouldn't be worth it just to go for 1 item. Normally I would order it online... except they only ship to places in Europe! What is that?! Grrrr

I still want to get a pair of those Ugg boots for winter as my only boots are heels and I'll need a pair once it starts snowing, and I'll also need a bigger winter coat as with my belly getting bigger I won't be able to zip up my leather coat and I don't think my other coats will fit well either.

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