30 Days of Me: Day 09 - A photo you took

For Spring Break my senior year of high school my parents took my sis and I to Washington DC to see all the sites and monuments. We went when we did because my mom wanted to go when the famous cherry blossoms were in bloom.

Here's a really neat photo I took of them:


Did you know that it's illegal and against the law to pick the cherry blossoms, break a branch off or climb into the trees

They are really pretty to look at if you get the chance ever visit Washington DC in the Springtime!


  1. ha, i did the same thing for spring break when i was a sr. twinsss.

  2. Beautiful!

    I love the cherry blossoms. I went into D.C. for the Cherry Blossom Festival two springs ago, when I was living in that area. I didn't realize it was illegal to pick the cherry blossoms, but luckily I didn't anyway :)

  3. Seeing the cherry blossom trees in bloom is on my 101 list!


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