The return of I Love Money

File:I Love Money logo.pngIt finally happened - VH1 has finally decided to air the "lost" season 4 of their hit reality competition series I Love Money.

The premise of the show is pretty simple - take cast members from the previous VH1 "of Love" shows, fly em down to Mexico, and have them compete in different challenges for a chance at $250,000. Alliances are formed, people are backstabbed, at the end of every episode someone's check gets voided, last man/woman standing gets the money... it's a dirty, dirty game filled with tons of crazy drama! Think Survivor done VH1 style!

This season, the cast consists of Cheezy and 20 Pack from I Love New York 2 (20 Pack is considered "the veteran" this time around he was also on season 2 of I Love Money); Marcia, Mindy and Brittanya from Rock of Love Bus; Corn Fed from season 1 of Real Chance of Love; Blonde Baller, Hot Wings, Mamacita, and Sassy from Real Chance of Love 2; Feisty from For the Love of Ray J; 6 Gauge, Brooklyn and Chi Chi from Daisy of Love; and Alex, Garth, Francisco and The Punisher from Megan Wants a Millionaire.

Season 3 and 4 were filmed back to back in summer 2009, but were promptly deemed canceled after Ryan Jenkins (who was on both Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3) killed his model wife Jasmine Fiore in early August 2009, went missing as a manhunt formed for him, and was found dead almost a week later, having hung himself in his hotel room. Megan Wants a Millionaire was abruptly canceled after just 3 episodes, as Jenkins supposedly makes it to the final 3 at least, and it was rumored that he won I Love Money 3 after a report came out that right before his wife was found dead, he showed up at the VH1 offices, requesting an advance on his prize money (they hold the checks until after the season airs so that no one does crazy spending and it leaks out who the winner is).

Fans of the series were upset that the fate of I Love Money was now hanging, as they couldn't possibly air season 3 now, and supposedly some of the cast from season 3 was back in season 4, so there would be some continuity and drama that would need heavy editing.

In April, VH1 made a statement stating that both season 3 and 4 would not be airing at all, however news broke several weeks about that season 4 would premiering on September 16.

It is a bit strange though, as the first 2 seasons ran during VH1's prime viewing slots on either Sunday or Monday evenings, however this season is being aired at 11/10c pm on Thursday nights with reruns during the week well after midnight. Also, there has been NO advertising for the return of the show either, which is a bit shocking as fans of the channel have been asking for I Love Money and more of the "of Love" shows, as many don't like a lot of the reality shows that are currently being shown on VH1 - I Love Money has a huge following. It's like they're intentionally trying to make it so hardly anyone watches it, thus making the ratings suffer as an excuse to not make a 5th season... you can't even find anything about it on the official VH1 site, aside from when it airs on the TV schedule! As it is, being part of the VH1 VIPS, the only thing the moderators have been able to tell us regarding the show is confirming the premiere day and time, which they waited until 2 days before it premiered to do so (our discussion of the show returning had been going on for nearly 2 weeks).

So it looks like it's up to the fans to spread the word, since VH1 is not doing so.

For those that missed last night - there are some pretty funny moments as well as some drama filled ones (Marcia and Mamacita got into it quite a bit! And Blonde Baller has already proved you can't fully trust her as she's only looking out for her best interest). Next week looks awesome and drama filled too, as ChiChi and 20 Pack both learn that Brittanya hooked up with both them in the months prior! (They both consider her to be their "girl", although it looks like ChiChi catches her sleeping in 20 Pack's bed, all cozied up with him and calls her out that just 2 months ago she was doing the same with him... which throws 20 Pack for a loop as he thought they were kinda off and on for months!)

**edit** they have finally posted an entry on the VH1 blog regarding the return of the show, citing this to be the finale season - feel free to comment!

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