Have you heard about the bird?

Hubby and I were watching TBS the other night before he had to leave for work and we caught this hilarious episode of Family Guy that we hadn't seen before - we don't usually catch the newer episodes when they first air on FOX Sunday nights and while TBS airs the reruns, they've only recently started cycling in some episodes from the newer seasons.

At the beginning of it, the Griffins visit a 50s themed diner and the song "Bird is the Word" by Trashmen comes on the jukebox and Peter freaks out, as it's his "favorite song of all time" and starts singing and dancing to it in the diner. And then it gets pulled from the jukebox, as the song apparently was from the 60s and not the 50s - Peter requests to have the record though and the diner manager gives it to him. Peter proceeds to play it non-stop at the house, driving his family nuts and he goes above and beyond to make sure that "everybody's heard about the bird." Stewie and Brian have enough of it though and take Peter's copy of the record in the middle of the night and we see later that they went all Office Space on it (like the scene with the copier in the field)! Peter then proceeds to go to all the used record stores to buy another copy, only to keep hearing the excuse that a dog and a baby were in there earlier and bought out all the copies.

From this point the episode starts to go downhill, as it shifts plots to Peter learning that one of the used record dealers is really Jesus and talks him into going public that he's back and yeah... the last half of the episode isn't nearly as funny - but the first half, with the plot revolving around Peter's obsession with the song, was just outright hilarious! Hubby and I couldn't stop laughing and we were laughing so hard!

I've mentioned before that growing up I listed to the Oldies station a lot, so I heard this one frequently and it was one of my favorites!

Here's a Youtube video of all the clips from the episode related to Peter's obsession with the song (it's almost 9 minutes long, but really the funny stuff is just in the first 7 minutes or so), I apologize for the strange subtitles!


  1. Have you seen the Family Guy Star Wars movies? Hilarious.

  2. I've seen the first one on Episode 4 - don't think I've seen the other 2 yet though =)


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