October and Goals

I know it's officially the 4th of October, but oh well - I got busy and frankly kind of forgot to post my progress on September's goals and share my goals for this month.

So a few days late, but here goes - let's see how I did!

1. Finish that book [Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter] already!
Well, I did finish it finally... last night, which was techincally October and not September, but oh well - I finished it before I made this post, so that counts, right? I'm gonna say right.

2. Finish Lego Star Wars Wii
Nope, I did play a little last month, but just didn't get around to it finishing it yet.

3. Finish watching Kyle XY
I did make some headway on it, as frankly I forgot about this one until like a week ago. There's only 10 episodes in the last season and I'm on episode 3 I think, so I'm almost there!

4. Go to the bank and try to get pre-approved for a home loan again.
Did that... it'll have been 2 weeks since our appointment and we're STILL WAITING to hear back from the mortgage loan lady... and we've called her and left a message too... if it weren't for the fact that we know we're soooo close to getting it (hubby's positive that regardless, we'll be good to go and have no problems getting approved once we come back from vacation at the end of the month) and that our realtor basically said this local bank is the best one to go to regarding rates, etc I'd be tempted to go to another bank... like that one I pass on my way to work that advertises low rates and no closing costs... I guess we'll see.

5. Exercise for 20 min a day at least twice a week
To be honest, I haven't kept good track of this one, but I know I did better last month than I have in previous months. I started my prenatal workout last week doing the 50 min workout one day and the 30 min one another (which doctor told me to lay off of til test results come back next week to be on the safe side), I went walking one day, and did some "mall walking" with hubby a few times.

6. Finalize plans for our trip to Dallas
I'd say that's a go - other than just saving money for food and spending we're all set. We received our Cowboys tickets and got our hotel booked and hubby finalized his schedule at work so we're leaving a day earlier than planned so we can pace ourselves driving down there (it's a 15-17hr drive and we have to stop every 2-3 hours so I can stretch and walk around so I don't get blood clots in my legs due to being preggo).

7. Try something new
Um... I'm sure I did, but I don't recall what! oops... I forgot this one was a goal!

Goals for October:
  1. Enjoy our trip to Dallas!!
  2. Don't spend too much money on Jay - knowing he's a boy now, it's hard NOT to shop for him and buy everything cute in sight! lol... if I do though, I'm sure we'll go broke and hubby will freak out at me for spending so much when we need to stay within our budget, lol...
  3. Eat a slice of pumpkin pie - it's fall and I LOVE pumpkin pie and have yet to have a slice. This needs to be remedied!
  4. Finish Kyle XY
  5. Finish Lego Star Wars Wii
  6. Finish 1 book
  7. Work on my cross-hatch project a little bit


  1. You didn't say whether or not you enjoyed Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. I read it a couple of weeks ago and loved it.

    Good luck on your revised list!

  2. I thought it was pretty interesting how the author wove the vampire hunter storyline into the actual history of Abe and that era. It was pretty convincing as there were a few times I had to stop and remind myself that it is a fiction book - it really did make you stop and think "could this actually have happened?"

    I liked it, although it took me awhile to get through it as historical fiction isn't really my cup o' tea - once I sat down with it and started reading it was pretty easy to get into. I liked how Poe popped up a few times too - he was pretty amusing the first time they met!

    I really thought the last chapter could have been left out, I thought the ending was a bit "hokey" lol...


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