A quick plug for hubby

Speaking of hubby in my last post...

I've mentioned before that I woke up one day to him *gasp* blogging.

I had suggested it to him awhile back, as I know he enjoys writing and thought it might be a good outlet for him and maybe even help him establish a little bit of a following, as he's got several Sci-Fi novels he's been working on over the years (one he sent to several publishers awhile back, but they didn't pick it up so he's been working on tweaking it and adding to it).

His first blog, CivFiction, is basically his take on his encounters in the new Civilization 5 game and possibly make a fiction out of it. I've seen sit while he plays the game with a notebook nearby, writing down timelines and historic people/events he encounters while playing. It seems like an interesting idea.

Also, the other day I learned that he had started a 2nd blog - Musings of a Workaholic. This seems to be a more "personal" blog (sort of like this one) than one with an actual topic to write about.

While I'm not sure how often he'll update them, feel free to check out both and follow him!

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