Amusing things that happen at work #3 & #4

I'm sitting here at work, on a Monday - Columbus Day to be exact.

Normally I work Tuesday and Thursdays, so why am I here today?

Well... my bosses are all out of town and I guess we're supposed to be receiving some important check in the mail that needs to be deposited in the bank as soon as it gets here. They said it might arrive last Friday, but they would call me and let me know if it did, otherwise, if it didn't they wanted me to come in today (Monday) instead of tomorrow so I can get it in the mail and deposit it.

Fine and dandy, right?

Well... I forgot about Columbus Day being today and when I was at the Post Office the other day shipping off baby Lucas' gift, I overheard them mention no delivery on Monday.


My bosses never called me on Friday so I'm assuming the check didn't arrive yet and that they were hoping it would arrive today... however, it's nearly 3pm and still no mail and from what I gather, the banks are closed today too.

I think my bosses forgot about Columbus Day too!

I'm going to have to call them before I leave and probably have to stop by tomorrow to take care of all that.

Also, sitting here by my lonesome at work, playing around with bursts and ads like they requested I do, I can hear an angry black woman outside screaming and ranting and raving! It lasted for a few minutes or so and then stopped... and then she started up again. (I don't mean to stereotype by pointing out that she's black, but you know how stereotypical angry black women get when they're, well... angry? Yeah, think that and that's pretty much how this woman was - there's not really another way to describe it!)

Curious, I went around to all our windows (we're in the corner office on the 2nd floor of the building), trying to see if I could see where this woman was at. I ended up in my boss's corner office - turns out she was sitting on the picnic table down below his office, right in front of my car! I couldn't see much, as she was partially sitting in the blind spot, but I could see a bunch of her stuff strung out on the table, including a light blue jacket and she was doing something with a bag of Wonderbread. I also saw an older man around the corner, who seemed like he was trying to calm her down, as she was really quite loud! (I could hear her a good bit over 2 radios!).

Her ranting/screaming/raving died down briefly again, but the new neighbor guy who's renting the suite across the hallway stopped by, asking if I knew her at all. I said I didn't, other than I could hear her carrying on a good bit out there! He seemed frustrated - he said he walked by her to get something from his vehicle, and in passing just said "It's such a beautiful day out!" and I guess she near bit his head off, screaming about how she's worked for 57 years with nothing to show for it... I'm guessing she lost her job recently... maybe? He said if she started up again he was going to go down there and ask her to leave if she has no business here and then call the cops if she still doesn't leave the premises, as it's not professional for his clients to have to hear a random person carrying on outside the building like that. He didn't think she was all there in the head either... I mentioned it seems she's sitting right in front of my car too and that I would be leaving in a bit and wasn't sure if I wanted to walk right in front of her like that - I've been checking and so far she doesn't done anything to it, yet. He mentioned if I wanted, he'd walk me out when I went to leave if she was still there.

Seems like she left though - she hasn't been carrying on for a bit now and it looks like her stuff is no longer on the picnic table, unless she moved it all over the side that's in the blindspot...

Ah, never a dull moment! Too bad my bosses aren't here today - I would have LOVED to see their reaction to her!

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